Get 10k traffic for keyword with 390 searches/month

So today you will get the most valuable tips by analyzing the most viewed post of one of the top bloggers of India. Yes, he is Harsh Agrawal and the blog post is “Download these 6 awesome android apps to make real money”. He is getting more than 20 times traffic for a blog post by targeting a keyword with only 390 searches per month on Ubersuggest.

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And in the URL he is targeting the keyword “android apps make money”. This keyword is searched by the audience only 390 times per month. But he is getting 10,000+ visitors per month on this post.

traffic for keyword

And it is the most viewed blog post of Harsh’s website. He is teaching Digital Marketing but the post which is getting the most views has no relation with Digital Marketing.

So, you can’t predict about Google where you will rank. But I will help you to analyse these types of posts, which will help you to create better content. By analysing the toppers you will understand how to rank or how to get traffic.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Everyone in this field will advise you to think big, target big. So will compete with biggies and target high traffic keywords. But here Harsh had applied an opposite theory, by not thinking big. And I have named it, down targeting blogging.

Down targeting theory

This theory will teach you to attract more traffic for your keyword with low search volume.

Harsh targeted a keyword with 390 searches per month. This keyword will not be targeted by high authority domains or bloggers. High authority bloggers will ignore this keyword as they will think it has less traffic.

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So those who are targeting this keyword “android apps make money” will have low domain authority and less backlinks. So it was very easy for Harsh to rank on this keyword.

He will always maintain the number position for this keyword. Now the main question arises.

How Harsh Agrawal gets 10000+ visitors per month?

As he maintains the number one position and the user will always be satisfied with Harsh’s post and obviously with not others. So, the user experience will be great. And Google’s algorithm also focuses on user experience for a post to rank.

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So he started ranking for other related keywords. Google started to rank his post for other similar keywords on number 2,3,4,etc positions. This keywords are as follows:

Earn many app

Earning app

Earn apps Earn with app Earn from apps

And many more other keywords. And these keywords have a good search volume. This is how Google’s flow algorithm works. When someone ranks for a keyword with no one other to compete with, then starts to rank his post for another high quality keyword.

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The same procedure works on that high quality keyword. So he started ranking for many high search volume keywords.

And attracted many visitors.

Role of backlinks

If you have a choice to pick one car. Which car would you like to go with?

BMW or Nano

Obviously BMW. Likewise those who want to add a link in their post about Android earning apps. They will definitely choose Harsh’s post as compared to others.

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So Harsh got 26 backlinks for this post. And for sure, getting traffic from those backlinks.

Length of the post

He had used 1188 words in this post, So it is not much lengthy or short. I think there is no role of length of this post in ranking.

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Comparing Harsh Agrawal’s blog posts

Post : What is Affiliate marketing?

Targeting keyword : What is Affiliate marketing

Search volume :  5400 per month.

Actual traffic Harsh gets : upto 1k

Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000 

Now other blog post’s information,

Post : Download these 6 awesome android apps to make real money.

Targeting keyword : android apps make money

Search volume : 390 per month

Actual traffic Harsh gets : 10154


So now you might have got some idea of working on the traffic for any keyword.

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Apply my Down targeting theory.

Try to target the keywords with low search volume, less CPC, low competition.

Try to work on that content whole heartedly. Create a quality content which is linkable.

Create backlinks on that post, so you will be ranking on that keyword.

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