SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

Creating backlinks is the most important part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as it brings referral traffic from other sites and organic traffic by ranking on  Google.

When one website links to another website then it is called backlink.


A links B : means B got a backlink from A.

I will not take much time and give you direct important tips and tricks about backlinks.

Keep that in mind, you should only focus on 2 to 3 methods. If you focus on more methods, it will be difficult to concentrate.

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Types of backlinks you want for high ranking

Remember friends, this characteristics of seo backlinks you have to create –

It should be a dofollow backlink.

The niche of the site linking your content should have a similar topic.

Link should be a quality link, means should come from a high authority website.

That domain shouldn’t have linked you before. Linking domain should be a new one.

Your targeted keyword should be in the link’s anchor text.

Ultimate ways to create quality backlinks

1. Create linkable content

Create a video, blog or page which can give value to the visitors. There must be something worth linking.

This type of content is known as linkable assets.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

For example, your blog contains ” 100 ways to create XYZ “. Obviously that needs hard work and good research.

But most of your competitors cannot compete with your 100 ways. And they will try to make that with 10 and 20 ways.

And they can link your content for the betterment of their visitors. So you will need a research and content writing of 4-5 days or 30-35 hours.

Linking round ups

Link roundups are the daily, weekly or monthly lists of the top content in a particular niche. The only purpose of this page is to link others’ sites.

Which helps them to brand their site and helps us to get a high quality seo backlinks. So these sites are more willing to share your links.

How to find one ?

When you create a content idea which is useful to you, then it will be useful to others also.

2. Observe your traffic

Few beginner bloggers must be there who come to your site regularly. When someone wants to take ideas from your blog having the same niche. They visit regularly.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Contact them and if they are creating similar content then tell them to give your high authority link in their blog.

Try to connect with as many bloggers you can.

3. Build relationships with other bloggers

Help the bloggers who are less experienced than you, and also learn from the more experienced bloggers.

Then they will be happy to link your content, and you should also link their good quality content.

Never hesitate to Email someone. World is too big, you just need a few of them to link your content.

4. Visit for link roundups


Simply search for weekly or monthly round ups.

5. Google search

You can search on Google with different variations. For example, – link roundup + keyword

● Weekly + keyword

● Roundups + keyword

● Monthly + keyword

● Link + keyword

Likewise, Monday tips, Top 15, Tuesdays best, Wednesday finds, Thursday tips, March edition etc.

Resource page linking or broken link building

Often, you might have seen 404 error, page not found error. These pages previously might have quality linkable content. And also have many backlinks which you have to attract.

Firstly you have to find out the 404 error pages related to your niche.

Remember, 4xx error indicates that there is an issue with the website, 3xx error suggests that it is redirecting and 5xx error means there is an with server.

4xx errors are the broken links so focus on them. For more information on errors  click here.

How to work on broken link-

6. Use different search strings in Google search bar. “Your keyword” + “resource pages”

“Keyword” + “recommended sites” “Keyword” + “link”

When you find an error page related to your topic then find the backlinks of that page with  SEMRUSH  or  ahrefs.

Then email the backlinker about his/her error link and give an option to link your content. Now it’s up to the quality of your content.

Create a good quality content related to that niche.

Tip : Not everyone will take interest in your content and email, so quantity of approaches are necessary.

To find more of them I will teach you in next steps.

7. Broken link with SEMRUSH :

Firstly, find out your competitors. For this, enter your domain name in the search bar of  SEMRUSH backlinks . Select backlink analytics and get a list in the competitors tab.

Then one by one enter your competitors domain name in SEMRUSH’s search bar. Then navigate to indexed pages and select the Target URL error.

This will help you to know error links related to your competitors.

Then find out the owner from where the link is coming (source). Then contact them with your high quality content.

Tip : Your competitors error page must be linked with many other pages. Enter the url of that error page and navigate to backlinks after selecting backlink analytics in SEMRUSH.

You’ll find many other backlinks of that error page. Contact each of them. If you’ll contact 100 owners probably you’ll get 5-10 backlinks.

8. Use Ahrefs : You can also use ahrefs  broken  link checker.

9. Use  Check my links:

This chrome extension helps you to find broken links on any page if links exist.

When you will open any page of the other website, the error links will be highlighted with red colour.

Once you find those error links then find the content of that link’s landing page. And create your content and contact the owner of that errored link page.

10. Moving man method

This method is similar to the broken link method. But here you can find quality seo backlinks. You have to replace the already existing page with your updated version.

Firstly, find out the web pages which are outdated or with older information, content.

Once you find outdated content similar to your niche. Then follow the above semrush method.

Find the pages that are still linking this outdated content.

Then contact them with email. Begging doesn’t work, it should be your content to attract them.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a good thing to do for beginners. Most of the bloggers find their initial backlinks from guest posts only.

To get quality backlinks you have to find quality sites. The sites you are selecting for writing a guest post should be topically related to your post.

If you’ll write a post about ‘iphone’ on the fitness website then Google will consider it spam.

It’s hard to find places where you can write your guest post. So I’ll show some ideas:

11. Google search

On Google you will find many places to write your guest post. Try some words with your keyword. For example,

Guest posting sites

Blogs that accept guest post Keyword + guest post by Keyword + guest post guide Guest posting sites

Tip : Remember for quality backlinks, select your category blogger and try to get a high domain authority blogger.

Search ‘guest post by‘ to get a list of people who write guest posts. Observe the professional bloggers. Collect the sites where they write their guest post. You will get good seo backlinks by following them.

12. Competitors backlinks

Observe your competitors backlinks with semrush. Find the backlinks they got from guest posts. Try to reach those sites and write guest posts.

You can also use  MOZ link explorer to observe your competitors backlinks.

Important : You can also visit  450 blogs that accept guest posts  for writing posts in 20 categories.

Important : Signup on  where you can post your own information that you want to write a guest post on a particular topic. So blog owners will find you.

13. Social networks :

Use social sites like  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram. 

Obviously, bloggers and guest poster’s will give information about their latest guest post on social sites.

Just follow that link to get bloggers site information.


As I advised you initially, you have to just focus on 2-3 methods, added the social network observation and use of Semrush.

Semrush tool will provide you to analyse many aspects including seo backlinks with zero cost.

Start with guest posting. Search on Google for them. Try becoming eligible for those high authority sites and write for them.

If you have tried any of the methods, please share your experience in the comments.

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