New website No traffic- what should you do?

Bringing traffic on a new website is a hectic job to do. This initial traffic decides the future of many bloggers. There are many bloggers who are unable to get visitors when their website is young. That leads to demotivation, reduction in interest, and seizing off their website.

Over 70% of bloggers leave their website after 4 months of their career. Lack of interest in the niche, niche generating minimal profits, demotivation, and no initial visitors are the main reasons for a blogger to stop.

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You will find people saying that blogging is a waste of time as they can manage no traffic on a new website and you will also find those who say that I earn $5000 to $10000 a month from blogging. It is you who have to decide where to stand in that list.

After hearing a lot of bloggers and a good experience in this field, I came to some conclusions:

● Blogging needs 1/100th investment as compared to a physical business.

● It can touch the public worldwide as compared to the maximum 2000 public in a retail shop.

● To be a successful blogger you will need motivation and hard work for 1 year.

And to gain this motivation to work, initial visitors are necessary.

For any website or post, it takes a minimum of 4 months to rank on Google. So one should work continuously for 4 months, without considering the traffic.

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But should consume this time for creating alternative ways to attract visitors. There are many sources of traffic for a new website with no traffic, with more or less effectiveness. We’ll discuss them but before that, I’ll show you some reports on those sources of traffic.

Sources of traffic

● Search traffic

● Direct traffic

● Social traffic

● Referral traffic

● Paid traffic

● Email traffic

● Other

According to a study done on major E commerce websites, 35% of their product is sold by the traffic got from search engines. 39% from direct traffic, 5% from paid sources, 9% referral, 7%social, email 3% and others 2%.

What do you understand from this? Traffic which comes from social media is not targeted. If you want quality traffic then you have to rely on search engines and direct traffic.

Does that sound to you that social media is of no use for bloggers? No, my friend. Social media can bring you a lot of traffic. It is just that you will not get a targeted audience there.

For example, someone who is interested in online earning can visit your website on blogging, but he might not be interested in Blogging. But your website can at least try to convince him, or nevertheless he will read your blogpost at least once.

So, you should work on all the sources of traffic but your hardwork on each source should be divided according to the percentages given above. Give 7% of your time and hard work to social media.

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So let’s discuss, how to bring initial traffic on your website.

1. Guestographics

You might have heard about Guest blogging, Guestographics is similar to that.

Attention span of an average internet user has reduced to 8 seconds from 16 seconds within a few years. An average user can’t be controlled for more than 8 seconds.

Over 40% users consider infographics as a better source of information over text format.

Infographics are the images which can provide step by step instructions to the users. It is made up of a heading, little detail of a heading, and 4-5 to steps below.

There are many websites where you can submit your infographics and can get backlinks.

For example,

new website no traffic

2. Comment in blogs

There is a method to comment on other blog posts. If you will simply put your link in their comment box or write something bad about that blogger then you will be considered as spam, and none of your comments will exist.

So you have to work according to a plan.

Firstly, you have to find out your competitors, who create similar content like yours. To find out your competitors, use SEMrush. This is the best tool which will provide you with every information.

There can be some missing points, that your competitor has not focussed on. You can politely add your strategy in the comment box after appreciating the work of that author.

You can also help them out, if they have some difficulty in the subject you are aware of. Never comment on something you don’t know.

Your competitors website should get good traffic, for your comment to be seen more.

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3. Reply in Quora, Medium, Bing, etc

Quora is the best way to rank your content immediately. You don’t have to wait for Google to index it and then rank it after a few months. Most of the bloggers use quora to get the initial traffic.

In the last few years Quora has increased its reach. More people are using it to make their business a brand. After reading the statistics of the performance of Quora, I was amazed.

And if you are unaware about the capabilities of Quora then you must educate yourself on this statistics:

● 75% of the traffic on Quora comes from mobile phones.

● According to a study done in 2017, 54% of the Quora’s adult users show their household income greater than 100k dollars. Just imagine the spending capacity of the user on Quora.

● In 2018, Quora reached the 300 million active users per month mark.

● According to  Quora is used by 35% of Americans. This makes it a great way to reach the American people who have great spending capacity and valuable visits(high CPC).

● Female to male ratio is 43/57.

● Quora has more adult users than any other platforms. It has double adult users than LinkedIn.

● Google and other search engines bring 63% of Quora’s visitors.

● The average time a user spends on Quora is 4.11 minutes.

There are many advantages of Quora, if you want to see more, visit  21  Quora statistics .

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How to promote your website on Quora?

● Add reliable answers to the questions asked. If you will not write to the point answers, quora can ban you or delete your answer.

● Answers must help your visitors. Make sure the questions you reply on are indexed on Google.

● Read the quora policies for better use.

4. Pinterest

Images are the new source of communication nowadays. Images can convey messages better than long text or long video, as it is a short and sweet way to do it.

85% of visitors remember visual information better than textual information.

So pictures are becoming a source of promotion. And users on Pinterest have increased drastically. And infographics are the best form of images to convey a message.

Pinterest provides a feature of adding a link in the image. Whenever someone will click on your image, they will be directed to the link address. These images can rank in Google Images. This will help you to bring visitors on your new website with no traffic.

5. Search Engine Marketing

To rank on Google organically can take 4-5 months. And if you think that your website is ready to handle and engage visitors. You have products ready to promote, in short you want visitors. Then you can rank your website’s advertisement.

Whenever you search on Google, you will see some advertisements first and then organic results. You can pay Google to rank your advertisement.

Google Ads (AdWords) is the tool by Google where you can create your campaign by fixing your budget and criteria of paying.

You can pay Google per 1000 impressions or clicks your advertisement get.

For that you can learn on YouTube videos to create campaigns on Google AdWords. You can also hire any Digital Marketer or I can help you out.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a process of writing blogs for other bloggers who have high authority websites. When any blogger is ready to publish your content, then you have to create a quality content. In that you can add your article’s link.

And these links are known as backlink, which is considered as a ranking factor in Google. When some high authority website links your website, then Google too considers your content of high quality. But a backlink from a low authority site can downgrade your ranking.

So quality of backlink is necessary and this depends on two factors:

● Authority of that website and

● Industry of that website.

Yes, the industry of the website you are writing a guest post for matters. Suppose your website is about “health tips”. And you write a blogpost for a “toy review” website, it will be a low quality backlink.

So try to find a website in your industry and write a guest post.

7. Facebook Ads

It is similar to a search engine where you pay Facebook for showing ads. Facebook has a good database of its users. So if you will start an advertisement campaign on Facebook you will get a target audience.

There are many criteria to show your advertisement to the visitors you want. You have to pay and fix a budget for your campaign.

And there are other paid and free source of traffics like,

8. Instagram/ business account.

9. Twitter/ Twitter for business/ Twitter Ads.

10. YouTube


Yes, there are many methods you can do on new website with no traffic but it is not possible for a single person to handle them all. You will need a team to do this task.

Or you should focus on maximum 2-3 methods if you will handle everything alone. So start creating your own blogs and start promoting them.

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