Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

Before 10-15 years, to rank on a keyword was much easier as compared to today. Because of high competition in present time, you will need different tricks and seo skills to rank, and attract high traffic. To rank for misspelling keywords is an easy job to do, but you have to understand the basics.

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Today I will give you detailed but specific knowledge of Misspelling keyword’s SEO.


According to research , about 10% typological error takes place everyday. They have a habit of typing speedily which results in spelling mistakes, it is not that they don’t know the spellings.

The competition for this type of keywords is very low and much easier to rank.

For example,

Advertisement = 1M searches / month

Advertisment = 1M searches / month

As you can see both the keywords, correctly spelled and misspelled, have 1 million monthly searches. Not every typing mistake has the same searches, some keyword mistakes have less monthly search. But they are easier to rank for, even if they have less traffic.

How to do research on misspelling keywords ?

1. Search for the tough words related to your topic. Big words or tough spellings are difficult to remember, so use the spelling mistakes of tough words in your title. But select a proper keyword with a good search volume.

2. If you already have a blog, brand or website then check for mistakes related to your brand name. You can use Google analytics or Google Webmaster tools to analyze what people search to come to your site.

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3. Select your keyword and then try for different versions of spelling mistakes, and check their search volume. Use the misspelling keywords with a good monthly search.

4. Use Typo generator

Click this link to open,  Typo generator, type your keyword and select the checkbox, namely skip letter, double letters, extra space, reverse letters and extra letter. Then click on generate typos, and you will find many misspelled keywords as a result.

misspelling keywords

Analysing your resulted keyword

1. Understand the ‘Did you mean’ feature of google

Whenever you will make a typing error, then google suggests you the correct keyword with Did you mean feature. And with correction it will also show some results, you have to first analyze these results for your keyword.

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There are different types of results that can be shown by Google. It can be results with the misspelling keywords or with the corrected keywords. Their are different possibilities in Search Engine results page(SERP), which are as follows :

• All the corrected spelling results with ‘did you mean’

If you type your misspelling keywords in Google search, and this situation occurs, then this keyword is useless as the results will not be of error keyword, results are of corrected keyword.

• All results with typo error keyword with ‘did you mean’

If this situation occurs then your keyword is a good choice.

• No ‘did you mean’ and all results with the spelling mistake keyword you typed.

Sometimes Google gets confused and cannot understand the correct version, so displays the misspelled keyword as the correct one. These keywords are best.

There are also other types of SERP like “starting 2 results with typo error keyword and rest with corrected keyword”. So now you can analyse the SERP on your own and select your keyword.

2. Search volume and competition

Use free tools like Google keyword planner, Uber suggest and Google search engine to find out the keyword density and how many posts are there on that keyword.

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Once you have selected your keyword, now how to use a typing error keyword in your post ? You cannot use this type of keywords like the correctly spelled keywords.

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If you’ll use that keyword everywhere in title, url and post then your visitors might think that the person who doesn’t know the correct spelling, will be unable to give valuable content.

So there must be a way to use them and I’ll teach you that in a few steps.

• Use typo error keywords in the alt tag of an image.

• Create your misspelling keywords link on other websites

You can add a post on quora, medium etc and link your main post with a typing error keyword in a post of

 Quora and others. This will not downgrade the reputation of your main post.

• Show the misspelling keyword yourself to your visitors

In the introduction of your keyword, you can use that, ” many a times misspelled as ” or ” commonly misspelled as “.

• Create related sites on free networks

You can make small posts related to your main content. Use blogger or free wordpress, there you can make a blog for free.

There you can use misspelled keywords as you want, but try to send those visitors to your main content with the help of linking.


So, I have given the complete information of the misspelling keywords, how to research them and how to optimize them in your website.

Following these steps are more than enough to make your blog rank. Have you ever used the typing error keywords in your blog or website ?

If YES, please share about the ranking in comments. And if NO, then please let me know that the above tricks have benefited you or not. And also feel free to share your tips and tricks and SEO related to misspelled keywords.

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