Local SEO to expand your business

You have a grocery shop, customers come to your shop to buy. It will be amazing if they can buy it online and get home delivery. For that you have to understand Local Seo. With a website you can increase your local customers base.

You have a readymade clothes shop. Not everyone in your city, forget city, not everyone in your area knows you. What if they can search you online for the latest products and offers.

Likewise, any business you have, you can scale it with the help of website and local SEO techniques. This helps you to reach the local public of your city.

I will teach you each and every step and if possible help you personally. If you are a beginner in this website making field then you have to learn about blogging, website building if you want to do it yourself.

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But I can help you with this personally, you have to whatsapp me.

But as for now I am explaining you local SEO and how to rank your website locally.

Local SEO Expert and Service

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What is Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is a way to optimize your website to get searched locally.

If you are a manufacturer of jeans, bricks, earphones, sarees, and many more. You have a retail shop of any product. Restaurant, grocery shop which can be delivered home.

For example, you have a jeans retail shop in Borivali. When someone searches ” Jeans in Borivali ” your website should appear first.

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This guide will help you to do that.

What Does it look like ?

See when I search ” blazer in Vadodara”, the results look like this.

google maps seo

Local searches most of the time use  Google maps  results in the first place. This guide will help you to rank in maps also.

local seo

Then it shows results organically ranked on Google.

Even if you don’t use the city or area term, here

Vadodara, then  Google  can show local results.

Like, when you search for a pediatrician it can show a pediatrician near you, or in your city, etc.

Looking at the above examples, Local SEO can be divided into 2 parts:

1. Google Maps SEO

2. Google Local SEO

Google Maps SEO (To rank on Google maps)

The most important factor in Google maps SEO is Google my business seo. You have to assert Google my business and optimize it.

Fill in the details of your business. Firstly you have to enter NAP( Name, Address,Phone number).

Tip: You have to add the same NAP everywhere. Same NAP on your website, on other business websites.

Select the correct category for your business. You can opt for multiple categories, but add the relevant one.

And then you have to verify it. You can verify it via phone, postcard and email.

Keep that in mind, fill each and every details including uploading pictures, etc.

Google provides you with detailed information on filling this form  here.

After filling the complete information, you have to focus on getting Local Citations.

Local Citations

Mentioning NAP( Name, Address, Phone) on the internet is called Local Citations. Citations can be built on websites, social platforms, apps, local business directories, etc.

There are also terms like NAPU( U for URL) and

NAPW( W for Website).

Local Citations helps the local audience to identify your business and fixes in their mind. This also affects the search engine rankings.

This local business directories gets ranked for the local terms. For example, in India  Just Dial  and  IndiaMART  ranks for every localised term.

You can get links from these sites. And many of the public only depend upon these sites for local searches.

Citation regularity

Ranking factors get affected negatively by citation irregularity.

For Google this is a signal of authority for your business.

For example, suppose your business name, address, phone are as follows.

Krishna men’s wear

378, shiv krupa shopping centre, national marg, mangal gaam, mumbai.


If you write somewhere name as Krishna readymade shop, then it is wrong.

If you don’t write a full address everywhere, like not writing “national marg” at any other site. This is wrong.

If you use different phone numbers for different websites, then it is an incorrect citation.

Creating Citations

Citations can be built with 2 methods :

1. Citations by City

2. Citations by category

There are websites or apps which control the business of a particular city. You have to sign up on this Citations by City.

For example, Justdial and IndiaMART give answers and sell products from local markets respectively.

Citations by category are the websites on a particular type of business. There can be apps selling only clothes, furniture, mobile, etc where you can add your business too.

For instance,  Myntra,  amazon  etc.

Google Local SEO

1. Your website should show your NAP in Schema Format.

Your website will have a coding called HTML Text. And in that code your NAP should be available. When Google search engines crawl your website, it can see your NAP easily.

To check this, simply click Ctrl + U Or right click and then view page source. The coding of your website will appear.

Then click search and type your address, it will show you the part in code where your address is there.

It should appear in the Page Footer divs.

2. Schema with  Structured  Data  Markup  Helper

This is a longer process, which is difficult to understand. But I can adjust some time for you, to help you personally. So you can contact me here.

3. Keyword optimization in Title tag, Meta description, H1, Content.

4. Embed Google Map

For your visitors to locate your business, you can add

Google maps on your website.

5. Steps should be clear.

Visitors should be given clear information of what to do next. Your phone number must be visible to them clearly. This will increase the conversion rate.

6. Mobile friendly theme

75% of users on the internet use mobile to search. So select Mobile responsive theme.

7. Show Reviews

Reviews should be visible for the visitors to build trust. Positive reviews can boost your sales.

Getting Local Backlinks

Firstly, you might be knowing what a backlink is ! Whenever any other website shares or adds your website link in their website. Then it is a backlink for your website.

It affects the local ranking of your website, so you have to get links from authority websites.

Check the authority of any website, backlinks of your competitors on  SEMrush.

There are few different strategies to get local links:

● Take interest in the local community events.

● Increase your contact list.

● Do charity work or social work, which can attract the local newspapers.

● And if you get interviewed by them, your link can appear in their high authority new website.

● Help government schools financially, like scholarships, etc. With this your link might appear in government sites, which is great.

● Contact the local businesses with a website, you can get backlinks.

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