How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Today you will get the unique knowledge which is known by very few bloggers. There are few techniques to write SEO friendly article or content, which can increase your traffic.

And I want you to learn to optimize a blog in this single post.

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So let’s start.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today’s competitive world of google ranking is an integral part of creating a blog. I will give you the tips that no one gives you. There are many ways to do SEO –

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

–  Misspelled keywords

–  Long tail keywords

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

How to get more clicks ?

● Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

–  average time visitor spend on page

–  % of returning visitors

–  Pages per session

● Promote your blog with zero followers

–  Linking posts and get backlinks

–  Use social platforms

Rank for many keywords in a single post

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

To find the search volume or competition of any keyword you can use tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Uber suggestion, ahrefs etc which you already know.

The first technique to write a SEO friendly article or content is misspelling keywords.

Misspelling keywords

Do you know ? people misspell about 10% of their search queries everyday. Misspelled keywords have a very low competition for they are much easier to rank on.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

For example,

Mortgage has a search volume of 2,40,00,000 per month.

And morgage is searched 2,10,000 times per month which is a misspelled keyword.

Tip 2- Use typo generator, to get a list of potential misspelled keywords related to your keyword.

Long tail keywords

For low competition keywords find the longer version of your keyword. This type of keywords normally have less search volume, so try to find the best numbers.

Tip 3- Both ideas, misspelled keywords and long tail keywords, also apply to domain name searching.

Keywords in your domain name can boost your ranking, especially long tail keywords are very easy to rank if you do your on page seo correctly.

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Blog for audience, not just for earning

Tip 4- Don’t write for search engines, write for your readers.

Before you start to write a SEO friendly article or content, keep that in mind that you are creating a blog not for selling your product, not to earn money, not only for SEO, but it is to help your viewers. If my blog is not useful for you, you might not have reached this sentence.

My friends, always try to help your viewers, other things will automatically come into place.

Write engaging blogs

Niches like sports, movie are interesting topics. But generally have high competition.

Topics like insurance have a good market but are very boring to read. Make them interesting.

For insurance you can make a post on the topic “Interesting facts about Death”. Do you Know ? After death a person is conscious for 10-15 seconds.

With these type of posts you can link your insurance products. Likewise there are many facts, you can find in other posts. Enhance their post with your skills.

Tip 5- Always create contents which educates your reader.

Use Reddit, buzzsumo or search your keyword on Google and analyze the top 10 results to write your post.

Create conversation between you and your readers

In your college, if your professor just lectures you the bookish knowledge you will fall asleep in that class.

That’s why you might have observed differences in your lecturers’ teaching. Some teachers are favorite of many students as they create a conversation with their students.

Tip 6- Use YOU and I in your blog post. This creates a conversational effect which keeps your reader engaged.

Long paragraphs are less readable. I never read the full paragraph of any post if it is bigger than 3-4 lines. What do you think ?

Tip 7- Paragraphs should not exceed 4-5 lines.

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

When readers come to your site and leave it early, that means the reader is bouncing back. Google notices this dwell time and affects your ranking.

Tip 8- Keep the text size large enough for users to read.

Small texts are not easy to read, especially for mobile user’s.

If you have an affiliate website then show the product & product information first. If you have an information service site then show the content first, never show the ads first.

Sidebar should not contain many things. Your post should appear roomy and not crowded. Show as little as possible in the sidebar.

Use images and videos to keep your viewers engaged.

Internal linking – linking your different posts is also very important to decrease bounce rate. Link your other post if necessary in that sentence. Links should not be kept at different places without any sentence.

Tip 9- Every link in your post should be natural.

Fact – 8 out of 10 times people will just read the headline and 2 out of 10 times they will click on a headline.

How to get more clicks ?

When you are done with the job to write a SEO friendly article or content. Your post is in the top 10 of google ranking. Still you are unable to get more views. Then there’s a problem in your headline.

Friend’s as I have mentioned above, only 2 out of 10 times there are chances of a headline to be clicked. So it’s your job to make your title and headline clickable. Use  copyblogger  or portents title generator  to make high quality clickable headlines.

According to Melanie Duncan there are few types of headlines. Useful, urgent, unique headlines etc. For example, “Learn ABC in just 6 weeks” is an urgent headline.

Tip 10- Use adjectives in your headlines. And the length of a headline or title should be 6-7 words.

Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

When someone lands on your blog and wants to know about you, he/she’ll visit the about page. This is a less visited but still very important page for brand building.

To tell anyone about you or your brand, you have to connect with your reader. And storytelling helps you to connect with your viewer.

Explain to the visitors how you’re gonna help them. Your about page is not totally about you, it’s about your audience. If you will not help them, there is no point for them to stick around with you.

Tip 11- Always put others first before yourself in any situation.

Tip 12- Add conclusion at the end of your post, so your visitors can see the overall content of your blog.

Ask your visitors questions in the conclusion that keeps them engaged and they will comment on the answer. This creates a conversation between you and the readers. Always try to answer them in the best possible way.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

Average time visitors spend on page

Check your individual pages on google analytics, how they are performing. Compare the high performing and low performing pages to make necessary changes.

Percentage of returning visitors

In early days, observe the returning visitors. Bring back your viewers with, etc.

Pages per session

With the help of google analytics see that the visitors are going to 2-4 pages or not. If they are sticking to just one point then it’s not good.

Tip 13- Use  tool to see which part of your page are the viewers seeing more.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Promote your blog with zero followers

Linking posts and get backlinks

First of all, while writing wherever necessary link your post or even your competitors post. Yes, you read it correctly.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

If there’s any informational post which can also help your viewer and related to your content, then you should link that post in your’s. Never hesitate in that, because your visitors’ satisfaction is most important.

Then send an email to the master of the post you linked.

Use social platforms

If there is any discussion or posts related to your topic on  Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram  etc, then try to help them and send your post’s link. Create groups on these platforms and also join other groups.

Tip 14- Type your link in the comment section of high viewed videos of YouTube, related to your niche. This brings a lot of traffic.

Google doesn’t punish you for copying your content on other sites.

 Quora, Medium In this type of website you can post the starting 5-6 paragraphs of your content. And then type below, ” To read the full post click on the link- your post’s link”.

 LinkedIn,  Pinterest  User’s of this type of websites don’t leave this site. Strategy above for and doesn’t work here. So you have to post the full content of any related topic to your main post.

Then try to give them the link with just text or infographics are more clickable. Use tools like venngage, canva, and infogram to make these infographics.

Rank for many keywords in a single post

After you have completed your writing and promotion, it’s time for updating your post. When you are already ranking for a keyword, then add another keyword which you want rank for. Add this keyword naturally, increase your data and do not spam.

Add new paragraphs for your new keyword and this will also increase your post’s length.

Tip 15- This keyword can also be a long tail keyword, longer version of your ranking keyword.

Tip 16- Share your post 12 times a year on social platforms with different titles. Use an open graph or yoast SEO plugin to change the title of your post on social media.

Tip 17- Write minimum 1 blog a week, if possible 2-3 blogs a week.


To become a successful blogger and to write a SEO friendly article or content, you have to be passionate about your niche, do good research on keywords, write engaging and conversation posts.

Keep others’ problems in mind and write, use tools to process your posts, link your different pages, follow your visitors, write quality content & quantity not necessary.

Regularity is also a very important aspect, and proper SEO.

Tip 18- Irregularity of a month can cost you the organic traffic created in three months.

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