Google SEO Guide, with tips from Yoast

SEO is the best way to bring traffic to your blog. There are many ways to bring traffic to your blog, but you have to understand the logical difference between traffic from various sources. So, in this guide you will learn to do SEO to rank your content on Google.

You will think a visitor is a visitor, whether you get it from social media or Google search. No my friend, there is a lot of difference. So, let’s understand it with an example.

A study shows that 40% of Ecommerce selling is generated by traffic from search engines. And only 5% buyers are from social media. This statistics alone is enough to get an idea.

Visitors coming from search engines are more targeted than visitors from social media. In simple language, when a visitor searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and then visits your website has a 40% chance to show interest in your product, service, or content.

Where as if a visitor comes to your website from social media has only 5% chance of conversion.

So it is very important for you to rank your post on Google. Because to visit your website you must be seen on the first page of Google search results.

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This goal is achieved by two methods:



SEM is a method of showing your website’s Ad above the search results. For that, you have to create a campaign on Google Ads by paying Google.

SEO is a process of ranking your post or website on the Google search results. It is a free way to bring traffic to your website.

So today, I will guide you to create a SEO proof blog post for Google. So stay tuned.

Step 1: SEO in URL, Title

If you want to rank your website on a particular keyword, then your keyword should be available in your domain name and title of your website.

For example if you want to rank your website on a keyword “XYZ”. Then your domain name can be: or or

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Similarly if you want your blog post or article to rank with a particular keyword on Google search results, then follow this SEO guide and make sure your keyword should appear in the URL by the means of Permalink.

Permalink is the text which is situated after the domain name divided by a slash( / ). Altogether it is known as the web address of your blog post. You can enable the permalinks in the settings section.

For example, is your domain name and you want to create a blog post on the keyword “toys for kids”. Then the URL of your blog post should look like:

Words in a permalink are separated by dash.

And the keyword should also appear in the Title of your blog post.

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Step 2: SEO in writing a content

Firstly, decide on a good keyword. If you are already ranking for others posts and have a good domain authority, then you can write a blog post on any keyword. But if you are a beginner then target the longer version of your keyword.

For example, if you find a keyword “toys for kids” then you can write on its longer version “toys for 5 year old kids”

How to use that keyword while writing an SEO blog?

There are many points you have to remember while writing a blog. If you are creating your website on WordPress, then just download the Yoast SEO plugin, it will guide you to write a SEO article to rank on Google..

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

But if you are using free website hosting (like blogger), then I will explore Yoast SEO points for you.

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Keyword in subheadings

Use more keywords or its synonyms in the higher level of subheadings in your blog post.

Image Alt attribute

Add an image related to your keyword. And type that keyword in the alt text box of that image. Click on the image to find that setting.

google seo guide

Meta description length

If you want to show each and every word of your meta description to the visitors. Then you have to use upto 156 characters in it. Google search results can show only 156 characters.

Character means letters, signs, space, everything. This length can vary between 130-156 characters for good SEO.

google seo guide

Outbound Links

When you add a link to another website in your post, then it is an outbound link. If necessary link other website to give more detailed information to your viewers.

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Internal links

Connect your blog posts with each other linking them. This will increase the time your visitors stays on your website. It can also help Google to crawl and index your different blog posts.

Keyword in introduction

Make sure to add your keyword in the first paragraph of your blog post.

google seo guide

Keyword length

Don’t select a keyword with more than 5 words. It should be between 1-5 words.

If you are selecting a longer version keyword which is of more than 5 words. Then remove “for, the, a, etc” from that keyword.

For example, your keyword is “toys for 5 year old kid” which is of 6 words. Them remove “for” from your keyword. Use “toys-5-year-old-kid” in your permalink.

Keyword density

Your exact keyword can be used 0.3% of your text length in your blog. If the text length is 1000 words then use your exact keyword 3 times in your post.

Use the synonyms of your keyword for 1% of text length.

Keyword in meta description

The main keyword or its synonym should appear in your meta description.

yoast seo tips

Keyword used previously

Select one keyword for only one post and not for different posts. Don’t make two post on one keyword.

Text length

It is good to make a blog post of atleast 1000 words.

Keyword in the title

Use the exact keyword in your title. Try to use it at the beginning of the title.

yoast seo tips

SEO Title width

The maximum length of your title should be 44 characters, and not more than that. It can be anywhere between 35-44 characters.

Keyword in slug

Slug means permalink. Make sure to use your keyword in the permalink to add your keyword in the URL of your post.

Step 3: Off page SEO

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Buy a proper hosting

The speed of your website depends on the hosting you select. Which can create a good or bad impression of your website infront of your viewers. Which is one of the ranking factor of Google.

If your website creates a good user experience, then your website can rank and the domain authority can increase.

If you are using blogger then you don’t have to worry about the hosting. But it can impact the AdSense approval. It is hard to take approval from AdSense with a free hosting.

If you want to buy a hosting then I will suggest you  hostingers  hosting. 

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It has a good support system, very good performance with high uptime and speed. And it is the most affordable one, so a good option for beginners.

You can get AdSense approval easily if you work sincerely. Paid hostings also provides free WordPress installation and guide that makes your SEO easy and website professional to rank on Google.

Create quality Backlinks

Whenever some other website links your content then it is a backlink for your website. A backlink can help you to bring traffic from different websites. And it can also help you in SEO by creating a good or bad impression of your website infront of Google.

If the website linking your content has high domain authority, then it is called a quality Backlink. And backlinks from spam websites can also negatively impact your SEO.

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So there are many methods to create backlinks for your website like,

● Guest posting

● Create linkable contents

● Linking roundups

● Guestographics

● Broken link method

● Moving man method, etc.

Use this methods to create quality Backlinks only.


It is in your hand to create a quality content. Just follow this simple guide and focus on creating a SEO and engaging content to rank on Google. If you will follow the step 1 and step 2, you will definately get visitors from Google.

After that if the user experience is good because of your quality content, then your website will definately rank. Also maintain regularity in create Blog posts and have some patience. Wait for 1 year to get maximum results and work hard for a year.

No one can stop you from earning.

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