Create viral content, 3 basics questions to follow

Why is that, you write many articles but not every content gets high traffic? Some content gets viral but others don’t. News websites will show you the list of viral contents every year. Companies try to market their each and every product, but success or virality occurs at a different rate. You have to focus on 3 questions before you create any content, to make it viral.

Who don’t want their content to go viral. Because it can affect the sales, earning, and success of any company or an individual. Many of us will say that it is just a random thing, it is not in our hand to viral anything.

But once some company goes viral then it gets an idea of that, and works continuously on that idea. So we can say that it is also in our hand to go viral.

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Content that brings out positive feelings from you mostly go viral. Content must be social, emotional, trending and positive. Many factors affect virality, which we will discuss below.

I have found these results after analysing more than 10000 viral news headlines. So we will understand this step by step( with important questions).

The first one is as follows,

What makes content viral

In today’s world, over 70% of people say that they share content online. This is because of the penetration of the internet in every area. As a result, there is an average 10% decline in selling newspapers.

Social media is the best source of viral content marketing, you will find youth here. So content format is a thing to notice, whether it supports the social apps or not. Content affecting the young generation can go viral.

Touching humanity, love or emotion is the key to virality. This can be done with various methods. There are a lot of factors which you can opt for, but it is not possible to bring everything in a single content.

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So we will divide the characteristics of a viral content into two types and work accordingly. First is important characteristics and second is sub characteristics.

I have found the important characteristics in almost every headline and sub characteristics according to the niche.

Important characteristics

● Trending

● Surprising(Unknown)

● Emotional

● Well planned headline

● Youth can connect

● Funny or entertaining

Sub characteristics

● Love

● Humanity

● Interesting facts

● Twist in story

● Pets

● About well known celebrities.

● Benefits like online earning, coupons, etc

● Mysterious

● Related to kids

● Rarely captured images

● Future knowledge like technology, advancements

So a viral content contains important characteristics and as many as possible sub characteristics.

Emotional contents are more likely to be shared. People want to share their experiences. Social experience or customer experience is a form of emotional content which is more likely to get followers.

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But now comes a thing, positive emotions or negative emotions, which are more likely to go viral? 3-4 years ago it was believed by the communication channels (news) that the audience is more interested in the negative news.

After the growth of social media, there was data available of social shares. Analysing it, they found out that negativity is watched but less shared but positivity is both watched and more shared.

So emotional connection is the most important aspect of viral content. Humans want to increase their social acceptance. So positive content is used for show offs or image building.

For this, they will also share beneficial information for others like reviews or coupon codes.

How to find viral content?

To find viral content you have to be updated in your industry. You have to follow the latest news, people who are at the top of your industry, be active on social media. But this can consume your lot of valuable time.

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Most of us cannot give more time to do this type of research. So, Google has already launched a tool which will help you to find trending content in your industry.

Google trends will provide you the content which is going viral at that time. It will show you the graph of the performance of any keyword. Some keywords are searched seasonally. So you have to prepare before the season comes.

Start working on that keyword before 3-4 months. Lots of Ecommerce websites use this tactic to sell products.

So if you have a content that goes viral every year in a particular month, then it will be easy for you to rank it.

Buzzsumo can also help you to create viral contents. Go to buzzsumo, type your keyword in the search bar. You will find related content on your keyword which is going viral.

So try to enhance that viral content. If the headline says “7 ways to service the car”. Then try to increase the points in that list. You make it 30 ways to do it, so no one competes.

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Plus, there is an option to view the people who have shared that content. Do some research and try to find their twitter or email, and give them information about your newly written and detailed article. They will surely share yours too.

How to create viral content?

Does the quality of content or you can say the way to write an article, affect virality? Yes, you have to put in a little effort to write it. But it will not affect much. What really matters is the headline of your article.

Yes my friend, I will explain this with an example. Many of the bloggers who have a community on social media websites like fb, Instagram say that they get less traffic on that article as compared to likes on Facebook. What do you understand by this?

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People are ticking the Like button but they do not read the post. They liked the headline. The headline they read was trending, informative or emotional. So headlines matter a lot for a post to go viral.

Make sure to create a  headline and content with the above given tips to make it viral. Definitely use the 6 important characteristics given above, in your headlines. And sub characteristics according to your niche.

To make a sharable headline follow these tips.

Firstly, the headline should create some mystery that forces the visitors to read. For example, “5 plugins for SEO, number 3 brings million traffic”. That will create curiosity in visitors’ minds about the number 3 plugin, what is number 3, I have to read it.

” A 8 year old saved his 5 year old sister”. Visitors will definitely read it, to find how he saved and from what.

Second, the length of the headline should be perfect. It should not be too long, for the readers to feel too strong and forceful. It should not be too short for the readers that they do not know what your article is about.

A headline should be of 5-7 words, containing the proper information.

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Third, use proper adjectives in your headline. For example, “5 tips to drive a car” instead of this use “5 simple tips to drive a car”. The adjective ‘simple’ makes the visitors read. Who will not want simple tips.

Adjectives like enormous, effortless, easiest, etc can make the headline more attractive.


If you will understand the above questions, ‘what makes a content viral’, ‘how to find viral content’ and ‘how to create viral content’ then you are ready to make contents that can go viral. You have to just focus on these 3 basic criteria while creating content.

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