Increase pageviews from 100 to 100k per month

So today will get complete information on how to increase your pageviews from 100 to 100000 per month. Why you will trust me is because I have done this many times. My websites have generated a lot of traffic with these methods. 

It takes some time to do it. It took me 6-7 months to do so. I cannot reveal my websites because of the spams. But don’t forget that I have also published more than 80 blogs there.

So we will discuss what works for different websites to increase their pageviews. 

How to start a blog for free and make money

So there are two methods to bring more traffic on your website.

1. Promote for more traffic, is it good?

Firstly, you can publish your article and then start its promotion. To bring traffic you have to promote as much as possible. So you can promote it with Google AdWords, Quora, Facebook Ads, other paid and free promotions.

But there are problems which you will face in promotions. Paid promotions will not work for you 99% of the time. To get a good return on investment is not easy. It will only work when you have a high value and high cost product.

Just sending visitors on your blog will not work for you. So to get visitors through promotion will not bring a targeted audience.

Second is to promote on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, etc. Pinterest is a good option for some niches. Many of the bloggers are totally dependent on the traffic from pinterest.

But for that you have to really focus on Pinterest. Most of us will not get success on that. You can use other platforms like Instagram, Facebook as they are good to engage with an audience.

But they are not great for sending traffic to your website. Because a few years ago, these platforms found out that they make more money when they keep you on their platform.

So these social media apps don’t want to send their traffic on your website and if you are doing that, then you will not rank on their news feeds or searches.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google.

2. Create more Content

This is what I do to get more traffic and Increase my websites pageviews. So I’ll explain to you what I am doing, and what you should do.

Many famous bloggers say that, ” The answer to your questions is more content “.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

In a cricket match, the more bowls you will bowl, there will be more chances for you to get wickets. Likewise, in blogging the more content you create, then there will be more possibilities to rank your post.

That doesn’t mean quality content or promotion doesn’t matter but you will have to set a balance in all of these tactics. Writing content is an issue which every blogger will focus on in their guides.

But to come up with new ideas every time is a big issue for everyone. Many bloggers say that they have already covered all the topics in their niche. And their websites contain just 25-30 articles. Are you kidding me?

And the problem is that there is no guarantee that any one of the 30 articles will rank. Your possibility to rank will be minimum. As many bloggers will tell you that ‘you don’t know which blog will rank’.

You will do classic keyword research and all the stuff. But there are keywords which will get you more traffic but have low search volume on the tools. And also things with low competition but very difficult to rank on.

No one really knows the search volume of any keyword except Google, but they will never reveal that. There are many tools which try to figure out this, but they are not always correct. 

So sometimes you target a keyword with high search volume and actually have low searches. Or a keyword with zero search volume actually has high traffic. You never know what will work for you, and you will rank.

A friend of mine, more experienced than me, with 10 years in the Blogging field started a new website and created 25 blogs. But still he was not able to rank for all of them. He generated $2000, with his experience but that is a different matter.

Generate more ideas and write more blogs to increase your websites pageviews.

Niche addition

You can add a related or similar niche to your website. Suppose your website is on ‘sarees’ then you can add ‘kurtis’, after covering everything in sarees. You have a website on ‘dogs’ then expand it by adding information about the pets.

How to pick a profitable blogging niche?

Find hidden topics

You can find hidden topics with different means, I’ll explain to you. Suppose, you have a website on “How to become a cricketer”. Then will write on the topics,

How to bat?

How to bowl?

How to field?

And many more….

You have written 30 blogs and you are out of ideas.

Google search

Then go to Google search engine, and type your keyword. Here,

‘How to play cricket’ and after that type a,b,c,d,…..

How to play cricket a

How to play cricket b

You will see different ideas in the Google search suggestions. You can also add “*” in between your keywords.

How to play * cricket

This will show results with any word in between your keyword. Like,

How to play best cricket

With this you can find different ideas to write an article.

Free keyword tools

You can use different tools to find out new topics.

Ubersuggest is one of them, which you can use. Type your main keyword in its search box, here it is ‘play cricket’. There you will find an option where you will see related keywords.

By analysing those related keywords you can get new ideas.

You have to follow the same procedure in other tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, answer the public.

Analyse the competitors

You can observe the high authority websites in your niche. Observe their categories and blogs to get new ideas. But never copy the content. Google should not feel that the information you are giving is already available in the blogs which are ranking.

A small kid should never fight with the strongest boy on the playground.


Just light up a fire in you, if you want to increase pageviews on your website and earn regular income. And get as many ideas you can and write as many posts as you can. You have to increase the chances of your post’s to rank.

Follow the steps with my guides on blogging, work continuously and you will surely get success.

Blogging guide/course worth $700 for free

Lesson 1- Introduction to blogging

Hii, I am Deepak and I am here to teach you about Google free Digital marketing course/ blogging guide, to add a qualification in your resume.

DM(Digital Marketing) can help students, experienced professionals, unemployed or one who is looking for a career change to get a job, open their own business online, etc.

What is blogging?

Whenever you search something on Google or any other search engine, say “best gift for mother”. Google shows many results.

There you will select one result and read the information you want to gain. The information or data you are reading is known as a blog or article.

The author of that blog is known as a blogger. And the whole process of publishing information on the internet and earning money with this, is called blogging.

Money !! Yes my friend,money, if you will observe carefully then you will find few advertisements in between the written text. When you watch that advertisement the author (blogger) of that blog gets paid.

We will later discuss the monetization part.

Why blogging?

A 15 year boy, Umer Qureshi, started blogging with information from youtube and blogging guide. Within 1 year he started earning $1000( approx. Rs 70000)/ per month.

There are many bloggers who earn between $500-$10000/ per month. And even bloggers earning more than that.

When I started blogging there were no free blogging guide available. I started learning it on YouTube and Google. But I want you to start learning it for free.

People are selling these courses for Rs 40000-Rs 60000. And that too with the old strategies. Blogging is a dynamic structure, it changes with time.

For example, 4-5 years ago Facebook was popular among the youth and Facebook marketing worked very well. But today Instagram is attracting many of them and you must know how to market your products on Instagram.

So you will never get outdated information. We will try to update you if you will connect with us and work with us.

Just like YouTube you have to create some informative or entertaining content. And learn to rank your stuff on Google results. Then once your blog is monetised, just count your money.

After this coronavirus pandemic, working digitally or online will be a key factor. Learning DM can help a student to get a job easily or help you to set up your online business.

Digital marketing can provide you with the highest paying jobs. And you can even start your own blogs like me to earn more with this blogging guide.

How to start a blog for free and make money?

Who can learn digital marketing or blogging ?

You do not need any qualifications or technical knowledge to learn DM. All you need is a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

And if you are a student of 6th-7th, then it is the best time to start blogging. As it will only increase your knowledge and never disturb your studies. You have to just work part time and within a few years you can get the best career opportunity.

So it’s up to you to work part-time or full-time, but the income part is guaranteed.

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