Hostinger vs Namecheap, winner is best for you

SecurityCDN, free SSL certificate, daily/weekly backups.Paid CDN, DDoS protection, paid VPN.
SupportTutorials, information data for self understanding, 24/7 live chat, email support.Information guides, 24/7 live chat.
Key featuresWebsite builder, SSD, upto 4x memory, DNS, LSCache, Cloudflare servers.Free website builder and migration, free SSL,CDN and domain.
PriceCheap shared, WordPress, vps hosting.Comparatively costly shared, VPS, WordPress hostings. Extra is dedicated servers and reseller hosting.
Performance99.95% uptime, 350 ms speed, LSCache, additional data centers.Additional data centers, 99.9% uptime, eAccelerator, xCache.
SSL certificateFreeFree
Domain1 Free1 Free
Disk capacity10gb to 100gb SSD.20gb-50gb
Control panelhpanelCpanel
Account email130
Money back30 days30 days
HostingsShared, cloud, vps, WordPress, email hostings availableReseller and dedicated server, shared, WordPress, email, VPS hostings.
Bandwidth100gb to unlimited.Unlimited
BackupsDaily/weeklyDaily to monthly

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Let’s see the comparison Hostinger vs Namecheap in detail.

Key features

SSL certificate

It helps to create an encrypted path between you and the server. Whenever you share any sensitive information like password or card details, you will need an encrypted path for security. 

Google said that a SSL certificate can increase your website’s ranking in Google. For Google AdSense approval it can play a major role.

Hostinger: Free SSL certificate.

Name cheap: Free SSL certificate for 1 year.


Hostinger: provides a hpanel which is little smooth and comfortable as compared to cpanel.

Namecheap: cpanel.

Result: Winner is hostinger with slightly better features. For WordPress hostinger is best but if you have experience and want your control on hosting features then you can opt for Namecheap.

Security and support


When you buy a Hostingers hosting, you don’t have to bother about your website’s security as it covers all the aspects like SSL, CDN, DDoS, etc.

Namecheap also provides these aspects but not all the others. Hostinger has a slight edge over Namecheap in security.


Hostingers support is very fast. You will get quick responses on chats. Email support also works well.

Namecheap provides you with ticket, live chat support but you might have to wait for replies. So hostinger also wins the support system race.

Result: Hostinger has a slight edge over Namecheap in both security and support.

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Cost and schemes

Namecheap provides you with two extra hosting types, reseller and dedicated server.

Shared, VPS, WordPress, Email hostings are common in both. Hostinger is cheaper than any other web hosting. They offer very cheap plans for beginners. But they do not compromise in their performance.

Namecheap is slightly more expensive than hostinger. And there’s nothing wrong in it.

Hostinger has a cheaper VPS, WordPress, and shared hosting plans. But the hostings provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

Result: Hostinger is cheaper than Namecheap and provides better or similar features.



Both the hostings have good speed, so no winner for the speed test.


Hostinger has 99.95% of uptime, which is almost live every time.

Namecheap has a better uptime of 99.99%. So performs slightly better.

Result: Namecheap wins the result test but there’s nothing wrong in hostingers performance, so no need to worry.

Hostinger hosting review for begginers


There is a clear winner in this hostinger vs namecheap comparison. I will personally recommend you hostinger web hosting. 

And if you are a beginner then always opt for hostinger. Rates are affordable but no compromise in its performance. Namecheap is not a bad hosting but loses the race.

Ultimate result:Hostinger wins the race with Namecheap.

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Your website’s data or files has to be saved on a server, as whenever someone searches for data you created, this server sends your file to that visitor. This server is called web host, which provides web hosting.

When you want to create a blog, then you should also focus on the hosting part for speed and SEO.

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What is web hosting ?

Whenever you or your organization wants to post a website or your webpage on the Internet, you will need a service called web hosting.

To fulfill this requirement you will need a web host or hosting service provider, to equip you with the tools needed for your website to be available online. Your website will be stored on a special computer called server.

Whenever a surfer types your website address or domain name into a browser to visit your website, then their computer will automatically connect to your server and your website’s data will be delivered to them.

Types of web hosting

You can choose different types of hosting according to your needs –

1. Shared Hosting

If you are a beginner in blogging, then shared Hosting is perfect for you. Your website will share the server with multiple other websites.

Various server resources like RAM and CPU are shared with others. Because of sharing the cost of this hosting is comparatively low.

Many Shared Hosting provides you with tools like : WordPress, Website builder, Email option. If you do not have a large amount of traffic then shared hosting is good for you.

best web hosting

2. VPS Hosting

If you are an advanced user, traffic on your website has increased, then you can opt to VPS hosting.

This is in between shared hosting and dedicated server( personal server). This provides a blogger with more storage space and customization.

Those who started to feel the need of a dedicated server but still don’t want the full control, can opt for this.

This will cost you approximately to the price of shared hosting but with more control including specific software selection and tools.

3. Dedicated server

If you want full control and personal server for your website then you buy a dedicated server. You have full access and control on the operating system you run and security. This hosting is the costliest among all.

Websites like amazon use this hosting because of its tremendous traffic. High traffic of websites are on the dedicated server.

4. Cloud Hosting

Because of technological advancements, cloud hosting has become possible. In this many computers are working together with many computing resources via network.

These resources are used from different servers, reducing the possibility of server malfunction.

As your website grows, it uses resources as much as it needs. But you have to only pay for the resources you need.

Before buying a Hosting analyze 2 things


Data transfer

Many of us don’t know much about Bandwidth and Data transfer, and also consider both the same. But both these terms are totally different.

In a single way, the amount of data which can be transferred is called bandwidth.

The maximum amount of data allowed to be transferred is called Data transfer.

Understand with an example, if bandwidth is a gate the bigger the gate the more people can pass through it.

Then Data transfer will be the number of persons allowed to pass the gate in a given time period.

Hostinger hosting review for begginers

Effects of Hosting

If the Data transfer is not enough then many times you will find your website unavailable. As the maximum limit of data to be transferred will get over. So check the Data transfer before buying a Hosting.

Good or bad hosting can affect the speed of your website, resulting in high or low Google ranking. Yes, it can affect your SEO. If users have to wait they will bounce back, this create a bad impression of your website infront of Google and users too. So you have to do your SEO right.

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To calculate the amount of data transfer enough for your website:

For example,

Visitors per day = V = 40

Avg page size of your website = A = 20 kb

Page views per visit = P = 5 pages

Data transfer period ( mostly month) = 30 days

Data transfer = V×A×P×30 days

=40 × 20kb × 5 pages × 30 days

=1,20,000 kb

=0.12 GB/month

You can calculate data transfer needed with this method.

And you should have enough bandwidth to load your website. If you have less bandwidth and more visitors come to your website together, then your website will load slowly.

Your visitors have to wait, and that can affect your authority and visitors will come again because of this impression.


Considering all the aspects I will recommend you unlimited bandwidth and data transfer plans for the hosting.

And if you have an issue of budget then try to calculate the need of your website with the help of above methods.

Then select a proper plan. Never compromise with bandwidth and data transfer as it is directly related to the viewers experience.

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Hostinger hosting review for begginers

After starting in 2011, hostinger reached 10 million users in 2014 and by 2017, 29 million people were connected. So there are more benefits as compared to loss. This hostinger hosting review explains it all.

That’s really a massive growth which suggests that the web hosting is trustworthy. And has something that people suggest it after using.

It is way cheaper than other hostings but includes all the extra features. Beginners have positive reviews on  hostinger hosting.

If you are a beginner then I will highly recommend you “hostinger” hosting.

I am using the premium plan of Rs 119/ month. There are pros and cons which we will discuss below.

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Merits(pros) of Hostinger hosting

● 30 days money back guarantee

● Cheaper and accordingly good performance

● Fast load timings 340 ms

● Good customer support with multiple languages

● One click WordPress installation

● Free domain name

● Seperate storage for emails, backups and data bases

● Free unlimited mailboxes

● Weekly backups

● Lite speed web servers are used

● Premium plan contains free sub domains

Hostinger hosting plans

You must see this hostinger hosting plans, they are affordable and performance is good, click below to visit:

Demerits (cons) of Hostinger hosting

● Uptime little undependable

● Space not good for big projects

● Support response time is medium

hostinger hosting review

99.96% average uptime

Uptime is an important aspect to be considered. It is the time for which your website is live.

As compared to price this is a good uptime. But still you may observe a 30 minutes of stoppage a month. That is more than enough for any website.

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Website builder and easy to use interface

From downloading to creating a website, hostinger hosting has positive reviews, you will find it self explanatory. That means you will be able to do this process if you know a little bit of English.

You will find many free themes on WordPress. And are easily customizable, and widgets make it even easier. So you will not need any coding knowledge to edit.

Quick website loading

In 2020 and after that, user experience will be a leading factor to rank on Google. And fast load time creates a good first impression on users.

Imagine you sitting in front of your computer, trying to open a website. And that site takes 5-6 seconds to load, you will move to another site.It affects your SEO.

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Even it is a cheap hosting, but can compete with the expensive hostings on the basis of speed.

Hostingers servers are connected in Asia, USA are connected with 1000 Mbps connections each.

Limitless features

Hostinger provides unlimited features in the premium and business plan. Weekly backups, free subdomains,  Laravel ,  Joomla,  Woo commerce, etc.

Customer support

My experience with the hostingers customer support is good. Within 5-6 hours, I got solutions to my doubts.

They provide customer service in different languages. If you have logged into a hostingers account then you can chat live.

Hostinger guides

They already have a huge library of data and guides, so you can find solutions on your own.

Gifs and images are included in their tutorials.


If you are a new blogger and know nothing about blogging then you can opt for a Rs 54/month plan. Better than this you can start practicing on a free platform called Blogger.

So with a little bit of experience, take a Rs119/month premium hosting plan. You will get extra features and space for smooth functioning of your website.

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