Get 10k traffic for keyword with 390 searches/month

So today you will get the most valuable tips by analyzing the most viewed post of one of the top bloggers of India. Yes, he is Harsh Agrawal and the blog post is “Download these 6 awesome android apps to make real money”. He is getting more than 20 times traffic for a blog post by targeting a keyword with only 390 searches per month on Ubersuggest.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

And in the URL he is targeting the keyword “android apps make money”. This keyword is searched by the audience only 390 times per month. But he is getting 10,000+ visitors per month on this post.

traffic for keyword

And it is the most viewed blog post of Harsh’s website. He is teaching Digital Marketing but the post which is getting the most views has no relation with Digital Marketing.

So, you can’t predict about Google where you will rank. But I will help you to analyse these types of posts, which will help you to create better content. By analysing the toppers you will understand how to rank or how to get traffic.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Everyone in this field will advise you to think big, target big. So will compete with biggies and target high traffic keywords. But here Harsh had applied an opposite theory, by not thinking big. And I have named it, down targeting blogging.

Down targeting theory

This theory will teach you to attract more traffic for your keyword with low search volume.

Harsh targeted a keyword with 390 searches per month. This keyword will not be targeted by high authority domains or bloggers. High authority bloggers will ignore this keyword as they will think it has less traffic.

New website No traffic- what should you do?

So those who are targeting this keyword “android apps make money” will have low domain authority and less backlinks. So it was very easy for Harsh to rank on this keyword.

He will always maintain the number position for this keyword. Now the main question arises.

How Harsh Agrawal gets 10000+ visitors per month?

As he maintains the number one position and the user will always be satisfied with Harsh’s post and obviously with not others. So, the user experience will be great. And Google’s algorithm also focuses on user experience for a post to rank.

Google SEO Guide, with tips from Yoast

So he started ranking for other related keywords. Google started to rank his post for other similar keywords on number 2,3,4,etc positions. This keywords are as follows:

Earn many app

Earning app

Earn apps Earn with app Earn from apps

And many more other keywords. And these keywords have a good search volume. This is how Google’s flow algorithm works. When someone ranks for a keyword with no one other to compete with, then starts to rank his post for another high quality keyword.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins, #2 can rank websites

The same procedure works on that high quality keyword. So he started ranking for many high search volume keywords.

And attracted many visitors.

Role of backlinks

If you have a choice to pick one car. Which car would you like to go with?

BMW or Nano

Obviously BMW. Likewise those who want to add a link in their post about Android earning apps. They will definitely choose Harsh’s post as compared to others.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

So Harsh got 26 backlinks for this post. And for sure, getting traffic from those backlinks.

Length of the post

He had used 1188 words in this post, So it is not much lengthy or short. I think there is no role of length of this post in ranking.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Comparing Harsh Agrawal’s blog posts

Post : What is Affiliate marketing?

Targeting keyword : What is Affiliate marketing

Search volume :  5400 per month.

Actual traffic Harsh gets : upto 1k

Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000 

Now other blog post’s information,

Post : Download these 6 awesome android apps to make real money.

Targeting keyword : android apps make money

Search volume : 390 per month

Actual traffic Harsh gets : 10154


So now you might have got some idea of working on the traffic for any keyword.

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Apply my Down targeting theory.

Try to target the keywords with low search volume, less CPC, low competition.

Try to work on that content whole heartedly. Create a quality content which is linkable.

Create backlinks on that post, so you will be ranking on that keyword.

Google SEO Guide, with tips from Yoast

SEO is the best way to bring traffic to your blog. There are many ways to bring traffic to your blog, but you have to understand the logical difference between traffic from various sources. So, in this guide you will learn to do SEO to rank your content on Google.

You will think a visitor is a visitor, whether you get it from social media or Google search. No my friend, there is a lot of difference. So, let’s understand it with an example.

A study shows that 40% of Ecommerce selling is generated by traffic from search engines. And only 5% buyers are from social media. This statistics alone is enough to get an idea.

Visitors coming from search engines are more targeted than visitors from social media. In simple language, when a visitor searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and then visits your website has a 40% chance to show interest in your product, service, or content.

Where as if a visitor comes to your website from social media has only 5% chance of conversion.

So it is very important for you to rank your post on Google. Because to visit your website you must be seen on the first page of Google search results.

Ultimate Blogging guide worth $700 for free.

This goal is achieved by two methods:



SEM is a method of showing your website’s Ad above the search results. For that, you have to create a campaign on Google Ads by paying Google.

SEO is a process of ranking your post or website on the Google search results. It is a free way to bring traffic to your website.

So today, I will guide you to create a SEO proof blog post for Google. So stay tuned.

Step 1: SEO in URL, Title

If you want to rank your website on a particular keyword, then your keyword should be available in your domain name and title of your website.

For example if you want to rank your website on a keyword “XYZ”. Then your domain name can be: or or

Best WordPress SEO Plugins, #2 can rank websites

Similarly if you want your blog post or article to rank with a particular keyword on Google search results, then follow this SEO guide and make sure your keyword should appear in the URL by the means of Permalink.

Permalink is the text which is situated after the domain name divided by a slash( / ). Altogether it is known as the web address of your blog post. You can enable the permalinks in the settings section.

For example, is your domain name and you want to create a blog post on the keyword “toys for kids”. Then the URL of your blog post should look like:

Words in a permalink are separated by dash.

And the keyword should also appear in the Title of your blog post.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Step 2: SEO in writing a content

Firstly, decide on a good keyword. If you are already ranking for others posts and have a good domain authority, then you can write a blog post on any keyword. But if you are a beginner then target the longer version of your keyword.

For example, if you find a keyword “toys for kids” then you can write on its longer version “toys for 5 year old kids”

How to use that keyword while writing an SEO blog?

There are many points you have to remember while writing a blog. If you are creating your website on WordPress, then just download the Yoast SEO plugin, it will guide you to write a SEO article to rank on Google..

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

But if you are using free website hosting (like blogger), then I will explore Yoast SEO points for you.

google seo guide

Keyword in subheadings

Use more keywords or its synonyms in the higher level of subheadings in your blog post.

Image Alt attribute

Add an image related to your keyword. And type that keyword in the alt text box of that image. Click on the image to find that setting.

google seo guide

Meta description length

If you want to show each and every word of your meta description to the visitors. Then you have to use upto 156 characters in it. Google search results can show only 156 characters.

Character means letters, signs, space, everything. This length can vary between 130-156 characters for good SEO.

google seo guide

Outbound Links

When you add a link to another website in your post, then it is an outbound link. If necessary link other website to give more detailed information to your viewers.

Local SEO to expand your business

Internal links

Connect your blog posts with each other linking them. This will increase the time your visitors stays on your website. It can also help Google to crawl and index your different blog posts.

Keyword in introduction

Make sure to add your keyword in the first paragraph of your blog post.

google seo guide

Keyword length

Don’t select a keyword with more than 5 words. It should be between 1-5 words.

If you are selecting a longer version keyword which is of more than 5 words. Then remove “for, the, a, etc” from that keyword.

For example, your keyword is “toys for 5 year old kid” which is of 6 words. Them remove “for” from your keyword. Use “toys-5-year-old-kid” in your permalink.

Keyword density

Your exact keyword can be used 0.3% of your text length in your blog. If the text length is 1000 words then use your exact keyword 3 times in your post.

Use the synonyms of your keyword for 1% of text length.

Keyword in meta description

The main keyword or its synonym should appear in your meta description.

yoast seo tips

Keyword used previously

Select one keyword for only one post and not for different posts. Don’t make two post on one keyword.

Text length

It is good to make a blog post of atleast 1000 words.

Keyword in the title

Use the exact keyword in your title. Try to use it at the beginning of the title.

yoast seo tips

SEO Title width

The maximum length of your title should be 44 characters, and not more than that. It can be anywhere between 35-44 characters.

Keyword in slug

Slug means permalink. Make sure to use your keyword in the permalink to add your keyword in the URL of your post.

Step 3: Off page SEO

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Buy a proper hosting

The speed of your website depends on the hosting you select. Which can create a good or bad impression of your website infront of your viewers. Which is one of the ranking factor of Google.

If your website creates a good user experience, then your website can rank and the domain authority can increase.

If you are using blogger then you don’t have to worry about the hosting. But it can impact the AdSense approval. It is hard to take approval from AdSense with a free hosting.

If you want to buy a hosting then I will suggest you  hostingers  hosting. 

Hostinger hosting review for begginers

It has a good support system, very good performance with high uptime and speed. And it is the most affordable one, so a good option for beginners.

You can get AdSense approval easily if you work sincerely. Paid hostings also provides free WordPress installation and guide that makes your SEO easy and website professional to rank on Google.

Create quality Backlinks

Whenever some other website links your content then it is a backlink for your website. A backlink can help you to bring traffic from different websites. And it can also help you in SEO by creating a good or bad impression of your website infront of Google.

If the website linking your content has high domain authority, then it is called a quality Backlink. And backlinks from spam websites can also negatively impact your SEO.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

So there are many methods to create backlinks for your website like,

● Guest posting

● Create linkable contents

● Linking roundups

● Guestographics

● Broken link method

● Moving man method, etc.

Use this methods to create quality Backlinks only.


It is in your hand to create a quality content. Just follow this simple guide and focus on creating a SEO and engaging content to rank on Google. If you will follow the step 1 and step 2, you will definately get visitors from Google.

After that if the user experience is good because of your quality content, then your website will definately rank. Also maintain regularity in create Blog posts and have some patience. Wait for 1 year to get maximum results and work hard for a year.

No one can stop you from earning.

Click on CONTACT ME, submit your email. We will reach you through email as early as possible. Then you can get ways to connect personally.

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New website No traffic- what should you do?

Bringing traffic on a new website is a hectic job to do. This initial traffic decides the future of many bloggers. There are many bloggers who are unable to get visitors when their website is young. That leads to demotivation, reduction in interest, and seizing off their website.

Over 70% of bloggers leave their website after 4 months of their career. Lack of interest in the niche, niche generating minimal profits, demotivation, and no initial visitors are the main reasons for a blogger to stop.

Ultimate blogging guide worth $700 for free

You will find people saying that blogging is a waste of time as they can manage no traffic on a new website and you will also find those who say that I earn $5000 to $10000 a month from blogging. It is you who have to decide where to stand in that list.

After hearing a lot of bloggers and a good experience in this field, I came to some conclusions:

● Blogging needs 1/100th investment as compared to a physical business.

● It can touch the public worldwide as compared to the maximum 2000 public in a retail shop.

● To be a successful blogger you will need motivation and hard work for 1 year.

And to gain this motivation to work, initial visitors are necessary.

For any website or post, it takes a minimum of 4 months to rank on Google. So one should work continuously for 4 months, without considering the traffic.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

But should consume this time for creating alternative ways to attract visitors. There are many sources of traffic for a new website with no traffic, with more or less effectiveness. We’ll discuss them but before that, I’ll show you some reports on those sources of traffic.

Sources of traffic

● Search traffic

● Direct traffic

● Social traffic

● Referral traffic

● Paid traffic

● Email traffic

● Other

According to a study done on major E commerce websites, 35% of their product is sold by the traffic got from search engines. 39% from direct traffic, 5% from paid sources, 9% referral, 7%social, email 3% and others 2%.

What do you understand from this? Traffic which comes from social media is not targeted. If you want quality traffic then you have to rely on search engines and direct traffic.

Does that sound to you that social media is of no use for bloggers? No, my friend. Social media can bring you a lot of traffic. It is just that you will not get a targeted audience there.

For example, someone who is interested in online earning can visit your website on blogging, but he might not be interested in Blogging. But your website can at least try to convince him, or nevertheless he will read your blogpost at least once.

So, you should work on all the sources of traffic but your hardwork on each source should be divided according to the percentages given above. Give 7% of your time and hard work to social media.

Hostinger hosting review for begginers

So let’s discuss, how to bring initial traffic on your website.

1. Guestographics

You might have heard about Guest blogging, Guestographics is similar to that.

Attention span of an average internet user has reduced to 8 seconds from 16 seconds within a few years. An average user can’t be controlled for more than 8 seconds.

Over 40% users consider infographics as a better source of information over text format.

Infographics are the images which can provide step by step instructions to the users. It is made up of a heading, little detail of a heading, and 4-5 to steps below.

There are many websites where you can submit your infographics and can get backlinks.

For example,

new website no traffic

2. Comment in blogs

There is a method to comment on other blog posts. If you will simply put your link in their comment box or write something bad about that blogger then you will be considered as spam, and none of your comments will exist.

So you have to work according to a plan.

Firstly, you have to find out your competitors, who create similar content like yours. To find out your competitors, use SEMrush. This is the best tool which will provide you with every information.

There can be some missing points, that your competitor has not focussed on. You can politely add your strategy in the comment box after appreciating the work of that author.

You can also help them out, if they have some difficulty in the subject you are aware of. Never comment on something you don’t know.

Your competitors website should get good traffic, for your comment to be seen more.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

3. Reply in Quora, Medium, Bing, etc

Quora is the best way to rank your content immediately. You don’t have to wait for Google to index it and then rank it after a few months. Most of the bloggers use quora to get the initial traffic.

In the last few years Quora has increased its reach. More people are using it to make their business a brand. After reading the statistics of the performance of Quora, I was amazed.

And if you are unaware about the capabilities of Quora then you must educate yourself on this statistics:

● 75% of the traffic on Quora comes from mobile phones.

● According to a study done in 2017, 54% of the Quora’s adult users show their household income greater than 100k dollars. Just imagine the spending capacity of the user on Quora.

● In 2018, Quora reached the 300 million active users per month mark.

● According to  Quora is used by 35% of Americans. This makes it a great way to reach the American people who have great spending capacity and valuable visits(high CPC).

● Female to male ratio is 43/57.

● Quora has more adult users than any other platforms. It has double adult users than LinkedIn.

● Google and other search engines bring 63% of Quora’s visitors.

● The average time a user spends on Quora is 4.11 minutes.

There are many advantages of Quora, if you want to see more, visit  21  Quora statistics .

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

How to promote your website on Quora?

● Add reliable answers to the questions asked. If you will not write to the point answers, quora can ban you or delete your answer.

● Answers must help your visitors. Make sure the questions you reply on are indexed on Google.

● Read the quora policies for better use.

4. Pinterest

Images are the new source of communication nowadays. Images can convey messages better than long text or long video, as it is a short and sweet way to do it.

85% of visitors remember visual information better than textual information.

So pictures are becoming a source of promotion. And users on Pinterest have increased drastically. And infographics are the best form of images to convey a message.

Pinterest provides a feature of adding a link in the image. Whenever someone will click on your image, they will be directed to the link address. These images can rank in Google Images. This will help you to bring visitors on your new website with no traffic.

5. Search Engine Marketing

To rank on Google organically can take 4-5 months. And if you think that your website is ready to handle and engage visitors. You have products ready to promote, in short you want visitors. Then you can rank your website’s advertisement.

Whenever you search on Google, you will see some advertisements first and then organic results. You can pay Google to rank your advertisement.

Google Ads (AdWords) is the tool by Google where you can create your campaign by fixing your budget and criteria of paying.

You can pay Google per 1000 impressions or clicks your advertisement get.

For that you can learn on YouTube videos to create campaigns on Google AdWords. You can also hire any Digital Marketer or I can help you out.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a process of writing blogs for other bloggers who have high authority websites. When any blogger is ready to publish your content, then you have to create a quality content. In that you can add your article’s link.

And these links are known as backlink, which is considered as a ranking factor in Google. When some high authority website links your website, then Google too considers your content of high quality. But a backlink from a low authority site can downgrade your ranking.

So quality of backlink is necessary and this depends on two factors:

● Authority of that website and

● Industry of that website.

Yes, the industry of the website you are writing a guest post for matters. Suppose your website is about “health tips”. And you write a blogpost for a “toy review” website, it will be a low quality backlink.

So try to find a website in your industry and write a guest post.

7. Facebook Ads

It is similar to a search engine where you pay Facebook for showing ads. Facebook has a good database of its users. So if you will start an advertisement campaign on Facebook you will get a target audience.

There are many criteria to show your advertisement to the visitors you want. You have to pay and fix a budget for your campaign.

And there are other paid and free source of traffics like,

8. Instagram/ business account.

9. Twitter/ Twitter for business/ Twitter Ads.

10. YouTube


Yes, there are many methods you can do on new website with no traffic but it is not possible for a single person to handle them all. You will need a team to do this task.

Or you should focus on maximum 2-3 methods if you will handle everything alone. So start creating your own blogs and start promoting them.

You can connect with me by calls, chats, and emails. I would like to help you, if you read my guides and don’t ask questions already available in guides.

Firstly, click on CONTACT ME, submit your email. We will reach you through email as early as possible. Then you can get ways to connect personally.

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins, #2 can rank websites

WordPress is the best platform, according to me, to create SEO friendly websites. Over 30% of websites live on the internet are made by WordPress. Plugins are the equipment that makes SEO for WordPress easy.

To create a website on WordPress is made easy. It doesn’t require any coding, qualification, etc. You do not need any technical knowledge. This plugin makes the long process short.

Now you do not need to worry about counting keywords, or finding perfect length of meta description or title, and many more things. This plugin explains everything to you.


There are hundreds of factors that affect the SEO or ranking of your website. And also there are thousands of plugins. Not possible to use or test every plugin. So I will suggest you the best one.

So today we will discuss the most trusted and needed 8 plugins that will improve the performance of your website.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugins enhance the website performance improving the users experience resulting in better SEO. It decreases the load by using a feature called control delivery network (CDN).

Whenever someone opens your website it creates a Cache, and when that visitor wants to open your website again, it shows the cached result without disturbing the server again.

You must use this plugin if your hosting does not provide a default cache plugin.


2. WP Story

Google does not make a new WordPress plugin everyday. WP Story is just created because Google wants the publisher to create content in this new format.

It is based on the new format that Instagram or tiktok provides to its users. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the latest story format.

It is a very short and sweet way to project your service or topic in just 20-30 pages. You can add your affiliate link, your products and services anything.

And the best part is that Google wants to start this format and wants publishers to create this type of content. And guess what, there is no competition.

It is possible that after a year or two, this story starts getting ranked above the text and videos. And it can become one of the best wordpress SEO plugins.


3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin improves the SEO of your website by giving you suggestions about your content, using keywords, etc.

It can do your search console work by creating sitemap. It analyses your pages readability, title or description length and use of keywords in them, keyword density in your post, keyword in headings and image alt attribute, etc.

In short, it handles the search engine optimization part.


4. Smush image compressor

You are creating a blog and afraid of adding images, which can increase your page’s load time. If your images take time to load, then your website will load slowly.

Your users can bounce back, creating a bad

impression of your website infront of Google and users. Resulting in low ranking on Google. But images are an essential part of a blog or an article, you must use images.

So, this smush image compressor decreases the size of images, but still maintains the quality of the images. When someone visits your website it will load fast and images will not look blurred but sharp.

5. Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit plugin provides the data of your website which Google’s products have on your dashboard. You have to connect your website with Google search console to crawl your post and pages.

If you want to analyse your audience, you will need Google analytics. Google pagespeed insights to test the speed and performance and Google AdSense to monetize your blog.

This plugin will bring all the features on your dashboard. You can connect your website with these components easily. And it will also show all the statistics of analytics and search console on your WordPress dashboard.


6. Jetpack

Jetpack have a multi-purpose use, it can be used for security, design and marketing. You can see the statistics of your visitors, post automatically on social media, login security, spam, scanning, etc.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

7. Elementor

If you want sell any product or service, or you will need a page on your website which is of a high value for you. Then you will need to create a beautiful landing page.

Elementor provides you with a live website creation method. It has a beautiful interface and tools to create a website from scratch.

You can create a collaboration of text and image. There are options to add buttons etc. And you can see live results.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

8. Google XML Sitemaps

You are uploading your content on your website, and what if Google doesn’t know that your page exists. Then how will Google suggest your content to others, by ranking your website.

For this purpose, it is necessary that Google should know that you have uploaded some content. So, Google indexes every content uploaded on Google.

Google XML Sitemaps helps you to index your content on the engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. With this search engines will have your content indexed and ready to show to related viewers.


Yes, plugins are useful to make your work easy but using more of it can reduce your website’s speed. Different niches need different types of plugins. So get educated about your needs and select plugins accordingly.

Do not just install every plugin, try to get the best wordpress SEO plugins. And keep the WP Story plugin in your mind, if in future Google updates its ranking policy according to stories. Then those who have already created stories, will start getting millions of traffic.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Today you will get the unique knowledge which is known by very few bloggers. There are few techniques to write SEO friendly article or content, which can increase your traffic.

And I want you to learn to optimize a blog in this single post.

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Everyone just beat around the bush giving you no real information.

So let’s start.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today’s competitive world of google ranking is an integral part of creating a blog. I will give you the tips that no one gives you. There are many ways to do SEO –

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

–  Misspelled keywords

–  Long tail keywords

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

How to get more clicks ?

● Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

–  average time visitor spend on page

–  % of returning visitors

–  Pages per session

● Promote your blog with zero followers

–  Linking posts and get backlinks

–  Use social platforms

Rank for many keywords in a single post

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

To find the search volume or competition of any keyword you can use tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Uber suggestion, ahrefs etc which you already know.

The first technique to write a SEO friendly article or content is misspelling keywords.

Misspelling keywords

Do you know ? people misspell about 10% of their search queries everyday. Misspelled keywords have a very low competition for they are much easier to rank on.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

For example,

Mortgage has a search volume of 2,40,00,000 per month.

And morgage is searched 2,10,000 times per month which is a misspelled keyword.

Tip 2- Use typo generator, to get a list of potential misspelled keywords related to your keyword.

Long tail keywords

For low competition keywords find the longer version of your keyword. This type of keywords normally have less search volume, so try to find the best numbers.

Tip 3- Both ideas, misspelled keywords and long tail keywords, also apply to domain name searching.

Keywords in your domain name can boost your ranking, especially long tail keywords are very easy to rank if you do your on page seo correctly.

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Blog for audience, not just for earning

Tip 4- Don’t write for search engines, write for your readers.

Before you start to write a SEO friendly article or content, keep that in mind that you are creating a blog not for selling your product, not to earn money, not only for SEO, but it is to help your viewers. If my blog is not useful for you, you might not have reached this sentence.

My friends, always try to help your viewers, other things will automatically come into place.

Write engaging blogs

Niches like sports, movie are interesting topics. But generally have high competition.

Topics like insurance have a good market but are very boring to read. Make them interesting.

For insurance you can make a post on the topic “Interesting facts about Death”. Do you Know ? After death a person is conscious for 10-15 seconds.

With these type of posts you can link your insurance products. Likewise there are many facts, you can find in other posts. Enhance their post with your skills.

Tip 5- Always create contents which educates your reader.

Use Reddit, buzzsumo or search your keyword on Google and analyze the top 10 results to write your post.

Create conversation between you and your readers

In your college, if your professor just lectures you the bookish knowledge you will fall asleep in that class.

That’s why you might have observed differences in your lecturers’ teaching. Some teachers are favorite of many students as they create a conversation with their students.

Tip 6- Use YOU and I in your blog post. This creates a conversational effect which keeps your reader engaged.

Long paragraphs are less readable. I never read the full paragraph of any post if it is bigger than 3-4 lines. What do you think ?

Tip 7- Paragraphs should not exceed 4-5 lines.

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

When readers come to your site and leave it early, that means the reader is bouncing back. Google notices this dwell time and affects your ranking.

Tip 8- Keep the text size large enough for users to read.

Small texts are not easy to read, especially for mobile user’s.

If you have an affiliate website then show the product & product information first. If you have an information service site then show the content first, never show the ads first.

Sidebar should not contain many things. Your post should appear roomy and not crowded. Show as little as possible in the sidebar.

Use images and videos to keep your viewers engaged.

Internal linking – linking your different posts is also very important to decrease bounce rate. Link your other post if necessary in that sentence. Links should not be kept at different places without any sentence.

Tip 9- Every link in your post should be natural.

Fact – 8 out of 10 times people will just read the headline and 2 out of 10 times they will click on a headline.

How to get more clicks ?

When you are done with the job to write a SEO friendly article or content. Your post is in the top 10 of google ranking. Still you are unable to get more views. Then there’s a problem in your headline.

Friend’s as I have mentioned above, only 2 out of 10 times there are chances of a headline to be clicked. So it’s your job to make your title and headline clickable. Use  copyblogger  or portents title generator  to make high quality clickable headlines.

According to Melanie Duncan there are few types of headlines. Useful, urgent, unique headlines etc. For example, “Learn ABC in just 6 weeks” is an urgent headline.

Tip 10- Use adjectives in your headlines. And the length of a headline or title should be 6-7 words.

Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

When someone lands on your blog and wants to know about you, he/she’ll visit the about page. This is a less visited but still very important page for brand building.

To tell anyone about you or your brand, you have to connect with your reader. And storytelling helps you to connect with your viewer.

Explain to the visitors how you’re gonna help them. Your about page is not totally about you, it’s about your audience. If you will not help them, there is no point for them to stick around with you.

Tip 11- Always put others first before yourself in any situation.

Tip 12- Add conclusion at the end of your post, so your visitors can see the overall content of your blog.

Ask your visitors questions in the conclusion that keeps them engaged and they will comment on the answer. This creates a conversation between you and the readers. Always try to answer them in the best possible way.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

Average time visitors spend on page

Check your individual pages on google analytics, how they are performing. Compare the high performing and low performing pages to make necessary changes.

Percentage of returning visitors

In early days, observe the returning visitors. Bring back your viewers with, etc.

Pages per session

With the help of google analytics see that the visitors are going to 2-4 pages or not. If they are sticking to just one point then it’s not good.

Tip 13- Use  tool to see which part of your page are the viewers seeing more.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Promote your blog with zero followers

Linking posts and get backlinks

First of all, while writing wherever necessary link your post or even your competitors post. Yes, you read it correctly.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

If there’s any informational post which can also help your viewer and related to your content, then you should link that post in your’s. Never hesitate in that, because your visitors’ satisfaction is most important.

Then send an email to the master of the post you linked.

Use social platforms

If there is any discussion or posts related to your topic on  Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram  etc, then try to help them and send your post’s link. Create groups on these platforms and also join other groups.

Tip 14- Type your link in the comment section of high viewed videos of YouTube, related to your niche. This brings a lot of traffic.

Google doesn’t punish you for copying your content on other sites.

 Quora, Medium In this type of website you can post the starting 5-6 paragraphs of your content. And then type below, ” To read the full post click on the link- your post’s link”.

 LinkedIn,  Pinterest  User’s of this type of websites don’t leave this site. Strategy above for and doesn’t work here. So you have to post the full content of any related topic to your main post.

Then try to give them the link with just text or infographics are more clickable. Use tools like venngage, canva, and infogram to make these infographics.

Rank for many keywords in a single post

After you have completed your writing and promotion, it’s time for updating your post. When you are already ranking for a keyword, then add another keyword which you want rank for. Add this keyword naturally, increase your data and do not spam.

Add new paragraphs for your new keyword and this will also increase your post’s length.

Tip 15- This keyword can also be a long tail keyword, longer version of your ranking keyword.

Tip 16- Share your post 12 times a year on social platforms with different titles. Use an open graph or yoast SEO plugin to change the title of your post on social media.

Tip 17- Write minimum 1 blog a week, if possible 2-3 blogs a week.


To become a successful blogger and to write a SEO friendly article or content, you have to be passionate about your niche, do good research on keywords, write engaging and conversation posts.

Keep others’ problems in mind and write, use tools to process your posts, link your different pages, follow your visitors, write quality content & quantity not necessary.

Regularity is also a very important aspect, and proper SEO.

Tip 18- Irregularity of a month can cost you the organic traffic created in three months.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

Creating backlinks is the most important part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as it brings referral traffic from other sites and organic traffic by ranking on  Google.

When one website links to another website then it is called backlink.


A links B : means B got a backlink from A.

I will not take much time and give you direct important tips and tricks about backlinks.

Keep that in mind, you should only focus on 2 to 3 methods. If you focus on more methods, it will be difficult to concentrate.

To contact me read the full post.

Types of backlinks you want for high ranking

Remember friends, this characteristics of seo backlinks you have to create –

It should be a dofollow backlink.

The niche of the site linking your content should have a similar topic.

Link should be a quality link, means should come from a high authority website.

That domain shouldn’t have linked you before. Linking domain should be a new one.

Your targeted keyword should be in the link’s anchor text.

Ultimate ways to create quality backlinks

1. Create linkable content

Create a video, blog or page which can give value to the visitors. There must be something worth linking.

This type of content is known as linkable assets.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

For example, your blog contains ” 100 ways to create XYZ “. Obviously that needs hard work and good research.

But most of your competitors cannot compete with your 100 ways. And they will try to make that with 10 and 20 ways.

And they can link your content for the betterment of their visitors. So you will need a research and content writing of 4-5 days or 30-35 hours.

Linking round ups

Link roundups are the daily, weekly or monthly lists of the top content in a particular niche. The only purpose of this page is to link others’ sites.

Which helps them to brand their site and helps us to get a high quality seo backlinks. So these sites are more willing to share your links.

How to find one ?

When you create a content idea which is useful to you, then it will be useful to others also.

2. Observe your traffic

Few beginner bloggers must be there who come to your site regularly. When someone wants to take ideas from your blog having the same niche. They visit regularly.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Contact them and if they are creating similar content then tell them to give your high authority link in their blog.

Try to connect with as many bloggers you can.

3. Build relationships with other bloggers

Help the bloggers who are less experienced than you, and also learn from the more experienced bloggers.

Then they will be happy to link your content, and you should also link their good quality content.

Never hesitate to Email someone. World is too big, you just need a few of them to link your content.

4. Visit for link roundups


Simply search for weekly or monthly round ups.

5. Google search

You can search on Google with different variations. For example, – link roundup + keyword

● Weekly + keyword

● Roundups + keyword

● Monthly + keyword

● Link + keyword

Likewise, Monday tips, Top 15, Tuesdays best, Wednesday finds, Thursday tips, March edition etc.

Resource page linking or broken link building

Often, you might have seen 404 error, page not found error. These pages previously might have quality linkable content. And also have many backlinks which you have to attract.

Firstly you have to find out the 404 error pages related to your niche.

Remember, 4xx error indicates that there is an issue with the website, 3xx error suggests that it is redirecting and 5xx error means there is an with server.

4xx errors are the broken links so focus on them. For more information on errors  click here.

How to work on broken link-

6. Use different search strings in Google search bar. “Your keyword” + “resource pages”

“Keyword” + “recommended sites” “Keyword” + “link”

When you find an error page related to your topic then find the backlinks of that page with  SEMRUSH  or  ahrefs.

Then email the backlinker about his/her error link and give an option to link your content. Now it’s up to the quality of your content.

Create a good quality content related to that niche.

Tip : Not everyone will take interest in your content and email, so quantity of approaches are necessary.

To find more of them I will teach you in next steps.

7. Broken link with SEMRUSH :

Firstly, find out your competitors. For this, enter your domain name in the search bar of  SEMRUSH backlinks . Select backlink analytics and get a list in the competitors tab.

Then one by one enter your competitors domain name in SEMRUSH’s search bar. Then navigate to indexed pages and select the Target URL error.

This will help you to know error links related to your competitors.

Then find out the owner from where the link is coming (source). Then contact them with your high quality content.

Tip : Your competitors error page must be linked with many other pages. Enter the url of that error page and navigate to backlinks after selecting backlink analytics in SEMRUSH.

You’ll find many other backlinks of that error page. Contact each of them. If you’ll contact 100 owners probably you’ll get 5-10 backlinks.

8. Use Ahrefs : You can also use ahrefs  broken  link checker.

9. Use  Check my links:

This chrome extension helps you to find broken links on any page if links exist.

When you will open any page of the other website, the error links will be highlighted with red colour.

Once you find those error links then find the content of that link’s landing page. And create your content and contact the owner of that errored link page.

10. Moving man method

This method is similar to the broken link method. But here you can find quality seo backlinks. You have to replace the already existing page with your updated version.

Firstly, find out the web pages which are outdated or with older information, content.

Once you find outdated content similar to your niche. Then follow the above semrush method.

Find the pages that are still linking this outdated content.

Then contact them with email. Begging doesn’t work, it should be your content to attract them.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a good thing to do for beginners. Most of the bloggers find their initial backlinks from guest posts only.

To get quality backlinks you have to find quality sites. The sites you are selecting for writing a guest post should be topically related to your post.

If you’ll write a post about ‘iphone’ on the fitness website then Google will consider it spam.

It’s hard to find places where you can write your guest post. So I’ll show some ideas:

11. Google search

On Google you will find many places to write your guest post. Try some words with your keyword. For example,

Guest posting sites

Blogs that accept guest post Keyword + guest post by Keyword + guest post guide Guest posting sites

Tip : Remember for quality backlinks, select your category blogger and try to get a high domain authority blogger.

Search ‘guest post by‘ to get a list of people who write guest posts. Observe the professional bloggers. Collect the sites where they write their guest post. You will get good seo backlinks by following them.

12. Competitors backlinks

Observe your competitors backlinks with semrush. Find the backlinks they got from guest posts. Try to reach those sites and write guest posts.

You can also use  MOZ link explorer to observe your competitors backlinks.

Important : You can also visit  450 blogs that accept guest posts  for writing posts in 20 categories.

Important : Signup on  where you can post your own information that you want to write a guest post on a particular topic. So blog owners will find you.

13. Social networks :

Use social sites like  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram. 

Obviously, bloggers and guest poster’s will give information about their latest guest post on social sites.

Just follow that link to get bloggers site information.


As I advised you initially, you have to just focus on 2-3 methods, added the social network observation and use of Semrush.

Semrush tool will provide you to analyse many aspects including seo backlinks with zero cost.

Start with guest posting. Search on Google for them. Try becoming eligible for those high authority sites and write for them.

If you have tried any of the methods, please share your experience in the comments.

If you want to CONTACT ME, click on contact me link then submit your email. I will reach you as early as possible. But read the full post, repeated questions can decrease your authority.

My followers who are actively participating on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest will randomly get free chances to connect with me. I will help them and give them different ideas. So follow me and be active.

Local SEO to expand your business

You have a grocery shop, customers come to your shop to buy. It will be amazing if they can buy it online and get home delivery. For that you have to understand Local Seo. With a website you can increase your local customers base.

You have a readymade clothes shop. Not everyone in your city, forget city, not everyone in your area knows you. What if they can search you online for the latest products and offers.

Likewise, any business you have, you can scale it with the help of website and local SEO techniques. This helps you to reach the local public of your city.

I will teach you each and every step and if possible help you personally. If you are a beginner in this website making field then you have to learn about blogging, website building if you want to do it yourself.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

But I can help you with this personally, you have to whatsapp me.

But as for now I am explaining you local SEO and how to rank your website locally.

Local SEO Expert and Service

If you want any advice or help to create your website then i will be happy to help you for free. You can CONTACT ME. Click on contact me and add your email, we will reach you as early as possible. But read the full post to get an idea and make sure you ask no questions already available in my post.

What is Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is a way to optimize your website to get searched locally.

If you are a manufacturer of jeans, bricks, earphones, sarees, and many more. You have a retail shop of any product. Restaurant, grocery shop which can be delivered home.

For example, you have a jeans retail shop in Borivali. When someone searches ” Jeans in Borivali ” your website should appear first.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

This guide will help you to do that.

What Does it look like ?

See when I search ” blazer in Vadodara”, the results look like this.

google maps seo

Local searches most of the time use  Google maps  results in the first place. This guide will help you to rank in maps also.

local seo

Then it shows results organically ranked on Google.

Even if you don’t use the city or area term, here

Vadodara, then  Google  can show local results.

Like, when you search for a pediatrician it can show a pediatrician near you, or in your city, etc.

Looking at the above examples, Local SEO can be divided into 2 parts:

1. Google Maps SEO

2. Google Local SEO

Google Maps SEO (To rank on Google maps)

The most important factor in Google maps SEO is Google my business seo. You have to assert Google my business and optimize it.

Fill in the details of your business. Firstly you have to enter NAP( Name, Address,Phone number).

Tip: You have to add the same NAP everywhere. Same NAP on your website, on other business websites.

Select the correct category for your business. You can opt for multiple categories, but add the relevant one.

And then you have to verify it. You can verify it via phone, postcard and email.

Keep that in mind, fill each and every details including uploading pictures, etc.

Google provides you with detailed information on filling this form  here.

After filling the complete information, you have to focus on getting Local Citations.

Local Citations

Mentioning NAP( Name, Address, Phone) on the internet is called Local Citations. Citations can be built on websites, social platforms, apps, local business directories, etc.

There are also terms like NAPU( U for URL) and

NAPW( W for Website).

Local Citations helps the local audience to identify your business and fixes in their mind. This also affects the search engine rankings.

This local business directories gets ranked for the local terms. For example, in India  Just Dial  and  IndiaMART  ranks for every localised term.

You can get links from these sites. And many of the public only depend upon these sites for local searches.

Citation regularity

Ranking factors get affected negatively by citation irregularity.

For Google this is a signal of authority for your business.

For example, suppose your business name, address, phone are as follows.

Krishna men’s wear

378, shiv krupa shopping centre, national marg, mangal gaam, mumbai.


If you write somewhere name as Krishna readymade shop, then it is wrong.

If you don’t write a full address everywhere, like not writing “national marg” at any other site. This is wrong.

If you use different phone numbers for different websites, then it is an incorrect citation.

Creating Citations

Citations can be built with 2 methods :

1. Citations by City

2. Citations by category

There are websites or apps which control the business of a particular city. You have to sign up on this Citations by City.

For example, Justdial and IndiaMART give answers and sell products from local markets respectively.

Citations by category are the websites on a particular type of business. There can be apps selling only clothes, furniture, mobile, etc where you can add your business too.

For instance,  Myntra,  amazon  etc.

Google Local SEO

1. Your website should show your NAP in Schema Format.

Your website will have a coding called HTML Text. And in that code your NAP should be available. When Google search engines crawl your website, it can see your NAP easily.

To check this, simply click Ctrl + U Or right click and then view page source. The coding of your website will appear.

Then click search and type your address, it will show you the part in code where your address is there.

It should appear in the Page Footer divs.

2. Schema with  Structured  Data  Markup  Helper

This is a longer process, which is difficult to understand. But I can adjust some time for you, to help you personally. So you can contact me here.

3. Keyword optimization in Title tag, Meta description, H1, Content.

4. Embed Google Map

For your visitors to locate your business, you can add

Google maps on your website.

5. Steps should be clear.

Visitors should be given clear information of what to do next. Your phone number must be visible to them clearly. This will increase the conversion rate.

6. Mobile friendly theme

75% of users on the internet use mobile to search. So select Mobile responsive theme.

7. Show Reviews

Reviews should be visible for the visitors to build trust. Positive reviews can boost your sales.

Getting Local Backlinks

Firstly, you might be knowing what a backlink is ! Whenever any other website shares or adds your website link in their website. Then it is a backlink for your website.

It affects the local ranking of your website, so you have to get links from authority websites.

Check the authority of any website, backlinks of your competitors on  SEMrush.

There are few different strategies to get local links:

● Take interest in the local community events.

● Increase your contact list.

● Do charity work or social work, which can attract the local newspapers.

● And if you get interviewed by them, your link can appear in their high authority new website.

● Help government schools financially, like scholarships, etc. With this your link might appear in government sites, which is great.

● Contact the local businesses with a website, you can get backlinks.

I would like to help you, if you read my guides and don’t ask questions already available in guides. Firstly, click on CONTACT ME, submit your email. We will reach you through email as early as possible. Then you can get ways to connect personally.

My followers who are actively participating on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest will randomly get free chances to connect with me. I will help them and give them different ideas. So follow me and be active.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

Before 10-15 years, to rank on a keyword was much easier as compared to today. Because of high competition in present time, you will need different tricks and seo skills to rank, and attract high traffic. To rank for misspelling keywords is an easy job to do, but you have to understand the basics.

How to start a blog for free and make money

You will get personal help for that read the full post, you will find a way to contact me.

Today I will give you detailed but specific knowledge of Misspelling keyword’s SEO.


According to research , about 10% typological error takes place everyday. They have a habit of typing speedily which results in spelling mistakes, it is not that they don’t know the spellings.

The competition for this type of keywords is very low and much easier to rank.

For example,

Advertisement = 1M searches / month

Advertisment = 1M searches / month

As you can see both the keywords, correctly spelled and misspelled, have 1 million monthly searches. Not every typing mistake has the same searches, some keyword mistakes have less monthly search. But they are easier to rank for, even if they have less traffic.

How to do research on misspelling keywords ?

1. Search for the tough words related to your topic. Big words or tough spellings are difficult to remember, so use the spelling mistakes of tough words in your title. But select a proper keyword with a good search volume.

2. If you already have a blog, brand or website then check for mistakes related to your brand name. You can use Google analytics or Google Webmaster tools to analyze what people search to come to your site.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

3. Select your keyword and then try for different versions of spelling mistakes, and check their search volume. Use the misspelling keywords with a good monthly search.

4. Use Typo generator

Click this link to open,  Typo generator, type your keyword and select the checkbox, namely skip letter, double letters, extra space, reverse letters and extra letter. Then click on generate typos, and you will find many misspelled keywords as a result.

misspelling keywords

Analysing your resulted keyword

1. Understand the ‘Did you mean’ feature of google

Whenever you will make a typing error, then google suggests you the correct keyword with Did you mean feature. And with correction it will also show some results, you have to first analyze these results for your keyword.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

There are different types of results that can be shown by Google. It can be results with the misspelling keywords or with the corrected keywords. Their are different possibilities in Search Engine results page(SERP), which are as follows :

• All the corrected spelling results with ‘did you mean’

If you type your misspelling keywords in Google search, and this situation occurs, then this keyword is useless as the results will not be of error keyword, results are of corrected keyword.

• All results with typo error keyword with ‘did you mean’

If this situation occurs then your keyword is a good choice.

• No ‘did you mean’ and all results with the spelling mistake keyword you typed.

Sometimes Google gets confused and cannot understand the correct version, so displays the misspelled keyword as the correct one. These keywords are best.

There are also other types of SERP like “starting 2 results with typo error keyword and rest with corrected keyword”. So now you can analyse the SERP on your own and select your keyword.

2. Search volume and competition

Use free tools like Google keyword planner, Uber suggest and Google search engine to find out the keyword density and how many posts are there on that keyword.

Optimize keyword in your post

Once you have selected your keyword, now how to use a typing error keyword in your post ? You cannot use this type of keywords like the correctly spelled keywords.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

If you’ll use that keyword everywhere in title, url and post then your visitors might think that the person who doesn’t know the correct spelling, will be unable to give valuable content.

So there must be a way to use them and I’ll teach you that in a few steps.

• Use typo error keywords in the alt tag of an image.

• Create your misspelling keywords link on other websites

You can add a post on quora, medium etc and link your main post with a typing error keyword in a post of

 Quora and others. This will not downgrade the reputation of your main post.

• Show the misspelling keyword yourself to your visitors

In the introduction of your keyword, you can use that, ” many a times misspelled as ” or ” commonly misspelled as “.

• Create related sites on free networks

You can make small posts related to your main content. Use blogger or free wordpress, there you can make a blog for free.

There you can use misspelled keywords as you want, but try to send those visitors to your main content with the help of linking.


So, I have given the complete information of the misspelling keywords, how to research them and how to optimize them in your website.

Following these steps are more than enough to make your blog rank. Have you ever used the typing error keywords in your blog or website ?

If YES, please share about the ranking in comments. And if NO, then please let me know that the above tricks have benefited you or not. And also feel free to share your tips and tricks and SEO related to misspelled keywords.

I will help you personally for that you can CONTACT ME. But read the full post for no repeated queries. Click on contact me and fill your email and we will contact you as early as possible.

My followers who are actively participating on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest will randomly get free chances to connect with me. I will help them and give them different ideas. So follow me and be active.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Content marketers in any field should have the knowledge of their audience. If you’ll find the pain points of your visitors, then no one can stop you from getting great traffic on your website. For that audience analysis is an intergral part after initialising your business or blog.

How to start a blog for free and make money

And also, the most important benefit is that if you’ll find what your audience needs, then you will not need to search for new topics.

You will never run out of new topics, just solving their problems will do.

What is Target Audience Analysis ?

When you perform a task of identifying the location, gender, demographics, age, interests, preferences and many other aspects of a particular group of people is known as Target Audience Analysis.

Remember one thing,

For many customers having good content doesn’t really matter, having RIGHT content matters a lot.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

If you want to create a successful business model, then this is one of the key to your success.

“Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever – create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience.” ~ David Ogilvy

This helps you to better plan your new products, new topics, future communication strategies with your visitors and search for new one’s.

audience analysis

Need for an audience Analysis

You can target a specific group of people with your products.

Content marketing strategy will become more cost effective.

You will create new content, specific topics, and become more competitive.

Research and target only the audience interested in your services.

Increase your income with improved conversion rate.

Increase customers’ return back rate, build long term relationships by solving their problems.

How to plan your audience analysis ?

Initially you should not focus on the income part. Focus and give enough time to every content that is needed by the audience. Even if the content cannot sell or will sell products with small amounts.

And if you already have good products then use your time for the products which will benefit you more.

Collect the information of your visitors with tools like, email plugins in WordPress like convertkit, convertful, etc. Tips to collect emails are in my SEO.

“Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an “expert” within your niche.” ~ Kim Garst

Also try to collect the email of your competitors visitors. With  you can find out the person who has shared any blog. Find more ways to collect emails through Google.

You can send your visitors a form to fill or just put it between your content. Form will consist of topics related to your niche. What visitors want let them ask you with that form.

Research before publishing product/content

If you already have a good experience of your content,product then it’s awesome. But most of us have to do some research.

Once you will get the problem idea of your visitors, and you are ready with the niche. Then it’s time for a deep research. Creating and publishing a content or product you have less knowledge can be less profitable for you.

With less knowledge, you will reduce the audience you have targeted.

Your service will be opted by less visitors resulting in a loss.

“I think a mistake a lot of people make is to identify a target audience and then work backwards into creating a product for them.” ~ Ricky Van Veen

Credibility of your product or website will reduce resulting in low customer return rate.

Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000 

How to analyse your product ?

First of all, gain complete knowledge of your products and services.

Find out, ‘ Is your product useful ?

Personally use your own product. If you have any tip as a product, then try that tip and see if it works. It should benefit you, then only it can benefit others.

For example, I gave you an idea to collect emails of your and your competitors visitors. This idea is used by me in every blog of mine. And it has benefited me a lot.

Try to get complete knowledge of your product. For example, if you are making a blog on “Top 20 toys for 5 year old kids”. Then you should gain complete knowledge of at least Top 40 demanding toys.

Yes, you cannot use them. But the research your visitor has to do to select one toy. You should already have that knowledge and watch enough videos about those toys.

If possible give them a way to contact you personally via whatsapp or call. Helping personally creates relationships.

4 ways to analyse your audience

1. Demographic analysis

Having information like age group, gender, geography, occupation etc can make a lot of difference in audience analysis.

Start with a basic knowledge of age and gender. Age observation matters. Teenagers will like more

fancy content and products. They will be more likely to

earn money. And people with 25+ age will have different problems. They can even buy your products.

Male will get attracted towards different content and female towards different.

Finding out the location of your audience helps to know about their culture, festivals accordingly you can sell different products.

For showing paid ads, location is necessary, you can show your ads to the community you want.

Knowing the occupation helps to set the cost of your product. If there are people who can afford costly products.

You’re giving an idea of a toy, then you can suggest costly products to business men, managers etc.

Classify your audience on these factors and select your strategy to deal with them.

Behavioral Analysis

Observe what your audience likes to do, how they collect information.

At what time they are active (online) helps to send them the notifications of your product and content.

Device they use to manage your themes to be used. Track the interest of your audience. What they like to

do, and what they are most interested in, can be found

out by social media.

This will help you to create stories which engage them. They will find your content more interesting and valuable.

Media Analysis

Find out what they use to gain information like advice, reviews, news means which platforms they trust the most. You can post on that platform like Quora, pinterest if they trust it.

Knowing about their interests, websites they visit can help you to grow. You can start giving the value this websites or media platforms are giving.

If possible you can pay to these platforms to promote your product and services.

Competitive Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors who are already doing well, is a good job to do.

You should find out the topics which are loved by the audience. Improve that topic in your way and publish.

There must be content gaps which are to be filled by you. How to find out content gaps ?

Observe your high ranking, high authority competitors and observe your low ranking, low authority competitors.

You will find some topics in which your low level competitors are doing good. And similar topics are not available in the high level competitors website.

Follow your competitors on social platforms. Engage in the conversations of their followers. Give them solutions and attract them.

And also learn from them how to manage your social media, conversations, etc.


With this you have 4 ways to analyse your audience and increase traffic on your site.

Firstly classify one the basis of age, gender, location, occupation and process as I said above.

Second, Most of the people have a similar time of working.

Third, observe the social platforms they trust.

And last but not least, analyse your competitors’ work. Was my blog post helpful to you ? Is there any more

information you want ? If you have any suggestions

related to this topic, then please let me know. Comment and share your experience with me.

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