Create viral content, 3 basics questions to follow

Why is that, you write many articles but not every content gets high traffic? Some content gets viral but others don’t. News websites will show you the list of viral contents every year. Companies try to market their each and every product, but success or virality occurs at a different rate. You have to focus on 3 questions before you create any content, to make it viral.

Who don’t want their content to go viral. Because it can affect the sales, earning, and success of any company or an individual. Many of us will say that it is just a random thing, it is not in our hand to viral anything.

But once some company goes viral then it gets an idea of that, and works continuously on that idea. So we can say that it is also in our hand to go viral.

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Content that brings out positive feelings from you mostly go viral. Content must be social, emotional, trending and positive. Many factors affect virality, which we will discuss below.

I have found these results after analysing more than 10000 viral news headlines. So we will understand this step by step( with important questions).

The first one is as follows,

What makes content viral

In today’s world, over 70% of people say that they share content online. This is because of the penetration of the internet in every area. As a result, there is an average 10% decline in selling newspapers.

Social media is the best source of viral content marketing, you will find youth here. So content format is a thing to notice, whether it supports the social apps or not. Content affecting the young generation can go viral.

Touching humanity, love or emotion is the key to virality. This can be done with various methods. There are a lot of factors which you can opt for, but it is not possible to bring everything in a single content.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

So we will divide the characteristics of a viral content into two types and work accordingly. First is important characteristics and second is sub characteristics.

I have found the important characteristics in almost every headline and sub characteristics according to the niche.

Important characteristics

● Trending

● Surprising(Unknown)

● Emotional

● Well planned headline

● Youth can connect

● Funny or entertaining

Sub characteristics

● Love

● Humanity

● Interesting facts

● Twist in story

● Pets

● About well known celebrities.

● Benefits like online earning, coupons, etc

● Mysterious

● Related to kids

● Rarely captured images

● Future knowledge like technology, advancements

So a viral content contains important characteristics and as many as possible sub characteristics.

Emotional contents are more likely to be shared. People want to share their experiences. Social experience or customer experience is a form of emotional content which is more likely to get followers.

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But now comes a thing, positive emotions or negative emotions, which are more likely to go viral? 3-4 years ago it was believed by the communication channels (news) that the audience is more interested in the negative news.

After the growth of social media, there was data available of social shares. Analysing it, they found out that negativity is watched but less shared but positivity is both watched and more shared.

So emotional connection is the most important aspect of viral content. Humans want to increase their social acceptance. So positive content is used for show offs or image building.

For this, they will also share beneficial information for others like reviews or coupon codes.

How to find viral content?

To find viral content you have to be updated in your industry. You have to follow the latest news, people who are at the top of your industry, be active on social media. But this can consume your lot of valuable time.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Most of us cannot give more time to do this type of research. So, Google has already launched a tool which will help you to find trending content in your industry.

Google trends will provide you the content which is going viral at that time. It will show you the graph of the performance of any keyword. Some keywords are searched seasonally. So you have to prepare before the season comes.

Start working on that keyword before 3-4 months. Lots of Ecommerce websites use this tactic to sell products.

So if you have a content that goes viral every year in a particular month, then it will be easy for you to rank it.

Buzzsumo can also help you to create viral contents. Go to buzzsumo, type your keyword in the search bar. You will find related content on your keyword which is going viral.

So try to enhance that viral content. If the headline says “7 ways to service the car”. Then try to increase the points in that list. You make it 30 ways to do it, so no one competes.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

Plus, there is an option to view the people who have shared that content. Do some research and try to find their twitter or email, and give them information about your newly written and detailed article. They will surely share yours too.

How to create viral content?

Does the quality of content or you can say the way to write an article, affect virality? Yes, you have to put in a little effort to write it. But it will not affect much. What really matters is the headline of your article.

Yes my friend, I will explain this with an example. Many of the bloggers who have a community on social media websites like fb, Instagram say that they get less traffic on that article as compared to likes on Facebook. What do you understand by this?

Google SEO Guide, with tips from Yoast

People are ticking the Like button but they do not read the post. They liked the headline. The headline they read was trending, informative or emotional. So headlines matter a lot for a post to go viral.

Make sure to create a  headline and content with the above given tips to make it viral. Definitely use the 6 important characteristics given above, in your headlines. And sub characteristics according to your niche.

To make a sharable headline follow these tips.

Firstly, the headline should create some mystery that forces the visitors to read. For example, “5 plugins for SEO, number 3 brings million traffic”. That will create curiosity in visitors’ minds about the number 3 plugin, what is number 3, I have to read it.

” A 8 year old saved his 5 year old sister”. Visitors will definitely read it, to find how he saved and from what.

Second, the length of the headline should be perfect. It should not be too long, for the readers to feel too strong and forceful. It should not be too short for the readers that they do not know what your article is about.

A headline should be of 5-7 words, containing the proper information.

New website No traffic- what should you do?

Third, use proper adjectives in your headline. For example, “5 tips to drive a car” instead of this use “5 simple tips to drive a car”. The adjective ‘simple’ makes the visitors read. Who will not want simple tips.

Adjectives like enormous, effortless, easiest, etc can make the headline more attractive.


If you will understand the above questions, ‘what makes a content viral’, ‘how to find viral content’ and ‘how to create viral content’ then you are ready to make contents that can go viral. You have to just focus on these 3 basic criteria while creating content.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Today you will get the unique knowledge which is known by very few bloggers. There are few techniques to write SEO friendly article or content, which can increase your traffic.

And I want you to learn to optimize a blog in this single post.

If you like my post and want to get the latest information then you can subscribe. I will inform you about new strategies and I will help you personally, when you subscribe. For that click on CONTACT ME and submit your email, I will respond you as early as possible. But first read my full post, as i don’t want repeated questions.

My followers who are actively participating on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest will randomly get free chances to connect with me. I will help them and give them different ideas. So follow me and be active.

Everyone just beat around the bush giving you no real information.

So let’s start.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today’s competitive world of google ranking is an integral part of creating a blog. I will give you the tips that no one gives you. There are many ways to do SEO –

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

–  Misspelled keywords

–  Long tail keywords

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

How to get more clicks ?

● Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

–  average time visitor spend on page

–  % of returning visitors

–  Pages per session

● Promote your blog with zero followers

–  Linking posts and get backlinks

–  Use social platforms

Rank for many keywords in a single post

Use keywords or domain name like a pro

To find the search volume or competition of any keyword you can use tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Uber suggestion, ahrefs etc which you already know.

The first technique to write a SEO friendly article or content is misspelling keywords.

Misspelling keywords

Do you know ? people misspell about 10% of their search queries everyday. Misspelled keywords have a very low competition for they are much easier to rank on.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

For example,

Mortgage has a search volume of 2,40,00,000 per month.

And morgage is searched 2,10,000 times per month which is a misspelled keyword.

Tip 2- Use typo generator, to get a list of potential misspelled keywords related to your keyword.

Long tail keywords

For low competition keywords find the longer version of your keyword. This type of keywords normally have less search volume, so try to find the best numbers.

Tip 3- Both ideas, misspelled keywords and long tail keywords, also apply to domain name searching.

Keywords in your domain name can boost your ranking, especially long tail keywords are very easy to rank if you do your on page seo correctly.

Things to remember before writing a blog

–  Blog for audience

–  Engage your visitors

–  Create conversation

Blog for audience, not just for earning

Tip 4- Don’t write for search engines, write for your readers.

Before you start to write a SEO friendly article or content, keep that in mind that you are creating a blog not for selling your product, not to earn money, not only for SEO, but it is to help your viewers. If my blog is not useful for you, you might not have reached this sentence.

My friends, always try to help your viewers, other things will automatically come into place.

Write engaging blogs

Niches like sports, movie are interesting topics. But generally have high competition.

Topics like insurance have a good market but are very boring to read. Make them interesting.

For insurance you can make a post on the topic “Interesting facts about Death”. Do you Know ? After death a person is conscious for 10-15 seconds.

With these type of posts you can link your insurance products. Likewise there are many facts, you can find in other posts. Enhance their post with your skills.

Tip 5- Always create contents which educates your reader.

Use Reddit, buzzsumo or search your keyword on Google and analyze the top 10 results to write your post.

Create conversation between you and your readers

In your college, if your professor just lectures you the bookish knowledge you will fall asleep in that class.

That’s why you might have observed differences in your lecturers’ teaching. Some teachers are favorite of many students as they create a conversation with their students.

Tip 6- Use YOU and I in your blog post. This creates a conversational effect which keeps your reader engaged.

Long paragraphs are less readable. I never read the full paragraph of any post if it is bigger than 3-4 lines. What do you think ?

Tip 7- Paragraphs should not exceed 4-5 lines.

Increase reading time and decrease bounce back rate

When readers come to your site and leave it early, that means the reader is bouncing back. Google notices this dwell time and affects your ranking.

Tip 8- Keep the text size large enough for users to read.

Small texts are not easy to read, especially for mobile user’s.

If you have an affiliate website then show the product & product information first. If you have an information service site then show the content first, never show the ads first.

Sidebar should not contain many things. Your post should appear roomy and not crowded. Show as little as possible in the sidebar.

Use images and videos to keep your viewers engaged.

Internal linking – linking your different posts is also very important to decrease bounce rate. Link your other post if necessary in that sentence. Links should not be kept at different places without any sentence.

Tip 9- Every link in your post should be natural.

Fact – 8 out of 10 times people will just read the headline and 2 out of 10 times they will click on a headline.

How to get more clicks ?

When you are done with the job to write a SEO friendly article or content. Your post is in the top 10 of google ranking. Still you are unable to get more views. Then there’s a problem in your headline.

Friend’s as I have mentioned above, only 2 out of 10 times there are chances of a headline to be clicked. So it’s your job to make your title and headline clickable. Use  copyblogger  or portents title generator  to make high quality clickable headlines.

According to Melanie Duncan there are few types of headlines. Useful, urgent, unique headlines etc. For example, “Learn ABC in just 6 weeks” is an urgent headline.

Tip 10- Use adjectives in your headlines. And the length of a headline or title should be 6-7 words.

Build a brand with an ‘About’ page.

When someone lands on your blog and wants to know about you, he/she’ll visit the about page. This is a less visited but still very important page for brand building.

To tell anyone about you or your brand, you have to connect with your reader. And storytelling helps you to connect with your viewer.

Explain to the visitors how you’re gonna help them. Your about page is not totally about you, it’s about your audience. If you will not help them, there is no point for them to stick around with you.

Tip 11- Always put others first before yourself in any situation.

Tip 12- Add conclusion at the end of your post, so your visitors can see the overall content of your blog.

Ask your visitors questions in the conclusion that keeps them engaged and they will comment on the answer. This creates a conversation between you and the readers. Always try to answer them in the best possible way.

Strategies to apply to increase traffic

Average time visitors spend on page

Check your individual pages on google analytics, how they are performing. Compare the high performing and low performing pages to make necessary changes.

Percentage of returning visitors

In early days, observe the returning visitors. Bring back your viewers with, etc.

Pages per session

With the help of google analytics see that the visitors are going to 2-4 pages or not. If they are sticking to just one point then it’s not good.

Tip 13- Use  tool to see which part of your page are the viewers seeing more.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Promote your blog with zero followers

Linking posts and get backlinks

First of all, while writing wherever necessary link your post or even your competitors post. Yes, you read it correctly.

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

If there’s any informational post which can also help your viewer and related to your content, then you should link that post in your’s. Never hesitate in that, because your visitors’ satisfaction is most important.

Then send an email to the master of the post you linked.

Use social platforms

If there is any discussion or posts related to your topic on  Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram  etc, then try to help them and send your post’s link. Create groups on these platforms and also join other groups.

Tip 14- Type your link in the comment section of high viewed videos of YouTube, related to your niche. This brings a lot of traffic.

Google doesn’t punish you for copying your content on other sites.

 Quora, Medium In this type of website you can post the starting 5-6 paragraphs of your content. And then type below, ” To read the full post click on the link- your post’s link”.

 LinkedIn,  Pinterest  User’s of this type of websites don’t leave this site. Strategy above for and doesn’t work here. So you have to post the full content of any related topic to your main post.

Then try to give them the link with just text or infographics are more clickable. Use tools like venngage, canva, and infogram to make these infographics.

Rank for many keywords in a single post

After you have completed your writing and promotion, it’s time for updating your post. When you are already ranking for a keyword, then add another keyword which you want rank for. Add this keyword naturally, increase your data and do not spam.

Add new paragraphs for your new keyword and this will also increase your post’s length.

Tip 15- This keyword can also be a long tail keyword, longer version of your ranking keyword.

Tip 16- Share your post 12 times a year on social platforms with different titles. Use an open graph or yoast SEO plugin to change the title of your post on social media.

Tip 17- Write minimum 1 blog a week, if possible 2-3 blogs a week.


To become a successful blogger and to write a SEO friendly article or content, you have to be passionate about your niche, do good research on keywords, write engaging and conversation posts.

Keep others’ problems in mind and write, use tools to process your posts, link your different pages, follow your visitors, write quality content & quantity not necessary.

Regularity is also a very important aspect, and proper SEO.

Tip 18- Irregularity of a month can cost you the organic traffic created in three months.

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Yes my friend, 6 hours a day for 8 months and you will start earning 2000-3000$ per month.

No business is easier than this. Any business to earn 2000$ per month needs an investment of minimum 10000$. But affiliate marketing with blogging can be done with a minimum investment of 50$ per year.

Grab this opportunity and I will help you by sharing my every experience with you.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an earning process by promoting other companies’ products, rewarding you commission for every sale with your link.

These companies like  amazon ,  google,  apple provide you a link for every product. Each time a customer clicks a link, and buys that or related product even after a few days, you get commission.

Affiliate marketing is still not known by many bloggers, and even if they know, they do not understand what to do and how to do it. You are on a correct platform to learn this, as I will provide you with the complete guide to understand this in simple terms.

How to begin with my Affiliate Marketing Guide?

  1. The easiest way to start your affiliate business is blogging. It will take 6-8 months to Google search console to recognize your blog with my blogging tips. And with the help of my blog on SEO your blog will start ranking in the search results of Google.

How to start a blog for free and make money


Then start understanding SEO with my guides to reach more customers.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

Local SEO to expand your business


  1. You can increase your followers on Instagram, friends on Facebook. Then create informative pages, and can promote your products. You can also regularly add entertaining posts.
  2. You can create YouTube channels and promote your products.

How to increase your sale or conversions ?

Creating an idea

How to showcase your products to your viewers, that they will be forced to buy ? I will teach you with examples in this affiliate marketing guide. If you will directly tell them to buy then nobody will follow your link and buy. Finding an Innovative way to sell your products is necessary in this competitive world.

For instance, to sell household or kitchen products, create a blog or video on recipes or work at home. Teach them that recipe in a qualitative way. Then to do that work, they will need that household product. And you will show them the way to that product.

Another example, create a guide on ‘how to make a dog house ?’. And sell the products needed for making a dog house.

Create your own unique way of promoting products.

Create conversation

You need a conversational blog or video. There must be some sort of storytelling that your visitors will feel interactive. Your consumers should feel that they are getting good advice from their friend. It should not feel that you’re trying to sell them something.

You might have experienced when you go to any shop, some retailers say that every product in their shop is great. It feels fake to you. Not everything is good, or not every aspect of that product is good.

There are merits and demerits in everything in this world. Always try to give the best advice, like you are talking to your friend or brother. Create a relationship with best advice.

Download affiliatizer add on on Chrome or Firefox

 Affiliatizer  is a chrome and firefox add-on which helps you to find new and best affiliate programs related to the site you are searching.

After you download this add on, whenever you search something. You will see a affiliatizer icon on the left on any website. When you click on this icon, you will find affiliate programs related to that particular website.

Analysis of your competitors products

When you will select a particular niche, there must be affiliate marketers already working on that topic. Analyze their blog, videos and products. I will show you the way to do it, in this affiliate marketing guide :

  1. Firstly select the top 10 affiliate marketers on the niche you are settled in.
  2. Observe the way they write their blog. Or the content they produce on a blog or a YouTube channel.
  3. Select the top products, which are best, and will benefit your visitors.
  4. Then write content, for blog or video, better than those bloggers and YouTubers. Have more honesty than your competitors.

If you find any mistake in a product, and everyone is promoting that product, then tell the truth about that product to your visitors. This builds a wall of trust for you. An affiliate marketer should guide their audience with honesty.

Another way to enhance your content is : If your competitors teach 10 ways to do a job, or top 10 XYZ products. Then you should enhance and teach 20 or 30 ways to do that or teach top 30 XYZ products.

But keep one thing in your mind, never write baseless things. Your content should be on the point. Increasing the ways to do XYZ, doesn’t mean that you start teaching baseless ways.

Buy the product yourself and review it

Make an honest review about the product. If your visitors trust you, then they will come to your site back again.

Compare your product with another similar product.

Is affiliate marketing easy or hard ?

The answer is both, yes it is easy at the same time it is tough too. It is easy because of the zero risk factor involved.

There is no investment that you have to do. You got this free affiliate marketing guide and my free personal assistance. Then you have to invest just a small amounts for hosting and domain name that too if you want to make a paid blog. There is also an option of free blogging, which you will get in my other guides.

Two things that make it easy and even profitable

Cookie life : Affiliate cookie life is the time period that starts when your viewer clicks your link and it ends when that viewer buys that product.

Some affiliate programs have 30-120 days of cookie life, that means you will receive the commission of a click even after 30-120 days of buying.

Recurring commissions : This is the commission which you will get on the renewal of the product once sold, without any click second time.

For example, a consumer buys a product of $200 with your link and you will get $20 (10% commission).

And if that same consumer again renews or buys that same plan, then you will again get $20 commission, even without a click on your link the second time.

Yes, it is hard and challenging too but I will solve those problems.

It has competition, many people might be working on the same topic or product.

But you should use many blogs as your opportunity, as shown in analysis of your competitors products. READ ABOVE.

Conversion or sale : Normally, affiliate marketers have a 3-6% of conversion rate, according to a Google guide. Conversion rate is the sale of products per click of your consumer.

That means if 100 times your link is clicked then 3-6 products will be sold out. And keep that in mind not every visitor clicks that link.

So you have to do your customer experience better. For this follow 8 basics to increase your sale. And also the above methods.

To get personal help CONTACT ME. After clicking on contact me, you have to fill your email to subscribe. I will reach you and help you personally as possible for me on calls or chats.


Top 20 affiliate programs

  1. eBay  Partner  Network
  2. Amazon  Associates
  3. ShareASale
  5. PartnerStack
  6. ClickBank
  7. Fiverr  Affiliates  Program
  8. Shopify  Affiliate  Program
  9. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  10. Leadpages  Partner  Program
  11. Studio  press  Affiliate  Website
  12. Bluehost  Affiliate  Program
  13. Maxbounty Affiliate Network
  14. ConvertKit  Affiliate  Program
  15. Tapgerine
  16. Google  AdSense
  17. ThirstyAffiliates
  18. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  19. Kinsta  WordPress  Hosting
  20. Wealthy  Affiliate  Program

Top Recurring Affiliate Programs

  1. Miracle  Canvas
  2. ElegantThemes
  3. Live  chat
  4. FreeUp
  6. GetResponse
  7. ConvertKit
  8. ThriveThemes
  9. MemberMouse
  10. Talkroute

How to start a blog for free and make money

In this digital world, it is not hard to make money with the help of mobile, laptop and internet. And above that you will learn to start a blog for free and make money.

India has just started the journey of digitalization, so have tremendous possibilities of digital marketing.

Those who live in India and also outsiders can attack the biggest market of human resources. Still a developing nation consisting of many problems.

There are only 30% internet users now, think of the capability of the market when 70% people will use the internet.

This is a tremendous possibility you can’t even imagine.

I will recommend you to start blogging. With this you can earn from $500 to $10000 with few efforts.

And on this road I will help you personally. So you can try to contact me.

Get settled on a niche(topic) first

Start a blog on the niche you are passionate about. If you are not interested in that thing you will ultimately get bored after a few months.

Try to read the articles already available on that niche if you feel bored then never opt that subject.

Once you are determined about that niche then start

the process to find post ideas. You have to find the viral or latest content pages related to your subject.

Tip : 1- You can find the latest topics by putting in your keyword in the search bar of It will show you the latest viral content.  Google trends also shows you the latest trend of a particular keyword for free.

With this you will find your competitors and their high ranking posts. Then you have to make better quality content on those viral posts.

Better quality content means expanding the list of your competitors’ posts with quality. For example if competitors post have 10 ways to do XYZ then you try to write 40 or 60 ways to do XYZ but maintain the quality, don’t write rubbish things.

Another example for you, when you are competing on the topic “how to make a pizza”. Then write it with more details like temperatures at which it can be baked,

using hot or cold water, use tap water or filtered water, detail about the timing to keep it in the oven. In short give your reader minute details with facts.

Address the problem of 130 crore people and you will find wholesale traffic for your blog. Solving their problems is the main way to your niche(topic) for your blog.

There are many topics, I can recommend you some if you want.

For example, ‘government job’ is a high traffic and low competition niche. Try to solve the problems of the unemployed in your unique way, they will surely like it.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

We will seperate the “how to start a blog for free” and “make money” to understand the topic.

How to make a blog for free ?

Initially, if you are a beginner in the field of blogging, then start a blog for free and make money is the latter part. Their are different methods to create a blog but the best one is blogger, a tool by Google.

This tool provides you with a subdomain example, 

Blog made by a blogger doesn’t need more management by you as it is supported by Google.

There are many alternatives for bloggers and the best one is WordPress. And other alternatives are –








Create a blog, free and paid, in 6 steps –

1. Find a perfect name for your blog, this should be descriptive. You can use domain name generator tools like Namestall,  Nameboy,  leandomainsearch, etc.

2. Domain name

Free – In Blogger and WordPress you will get a subdomain name.

Paid – You have to buy a domain name from  GoDaddy

or other sites.

3. Hosting

Free – If you don’t want to invest initially, then blogger is best for hosting.

Best web hosting selection criteria, tips to follow

Hostinger hosting review for begginers

Paid – There are many hosting providers like

 hostgator, bigrock,  hostinger. But I will recommend you  hostinger hosting.

4. Customize theme – set a theme according to your niche. You will find themes in blogger and  WordPress  for free. Paid themes are also available.

5. Start working for your blog, by finding keywords and analyze with the help of my post.

6. Launch your first post and start sharing.

How to make money blogging ?

Now, it is very easy to make a side income of $1000/month by investing 3-4 hours per day for a year. And if you want to make blogging your main business, then you are on a right path. Many bloggers are making millions of dollars by making blogs.

I will show you how to monetize your blog in different ways.

1. Get paid for reviews

2. Affiliate marketing

3. Ad networks

4. Get Direct advertisement

5. Sell your products

6. Local advertising

7. Online courses

8. Consultation work

Get paid for reviews

There are half a million brands in this world, which can be targeted by you. If every brand doesn’t sponsor websites then too you have many options. Top 100 brands in the world have been revealed, find the one you are interested in.

Paid reviews are the best way for side income and earn money from blogs.

Here are few paid reviews website that sponsors website-

 Izea  Pay  per  post




Affiliate marketing

A sale can make you earn 10$-1000$, so affiliate marketing is the best source of income for bloggers, if you do it right.

Tip : Select a product of high cost. The more the cost of the product, the more commission you will get.

Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000 

Use your marketing skills in your blog.

You can join these popular affiliate programs-

 Amazon Affiliate program





 Commission  Junction

Ad networks

Normally, everyone uses ad networks to monetize their blog. You need to first create a blog to get approval from ad networks.

Try to get approval from  Google AdSense because it is the best ad network. It shows high quality ads, so do not affect your users experience.  is also a good alternative to AdSense. Another alternate Ad networks are –


 Amazon  Display  Ads




Get Direct Advertisement

AdSense is no doubt the best way to get ads, but AdSense has some demerits too. The amount you get paid per click is the one of them.

Try to get advertisements from outside, by some research.

Tip – Add a page on your blog, which is “Advertise with us or Media-kit”.

Tip – Use a WordPress plugin which is

 WPAdvancedAds, which can help you to manage the ads.

Tip – Create a professional email with Google apps like  . It can be used to send emails to the advertiser’s and looks effective.

Sell your products

If you have your products or business then you can promote it on your blog. After 6 months, you will get enough traffic on your blog to sell your products.

You can start on a local level and then try to expand your business. For example, to create a couple

t-shirts, it will not cost you more than 300-350 rupees. And you can sell it easily for 600-700 rupees as per your condition.

Likewise you can sell Ebooks, share your experience which can help others. It should give value to your buyers. For example, 5 ways to earn 1lakh/month.

Local Advertising

If you make a blog on the topic “Top 10 restaurants in surat”. And with your efforts, you start attracting very good traffic. Then the restro owners will be happy to sponsor your blog. Or you can charge on a monthly basis to promote their business.

Local SEO to expand your business

Likewise there are many “Top 10’s”, so your way to promote local businesses near you.

Online courses

Create online courses on the platforms like  Teachable, 


You can sell your online courses like

education programs, blogging tutorials, courses to earn money online.

Work hard on your passion, and if you become a successful online tutor then earning million dollars becomes possible.

Consultation work

Become a master of Instagram business, blogging, Facebook ads, and many more online platforms. And then when you are the master of your field then start consulting other businesses.

Help others to grow their business, help them to grow their blog,  Instagram  and charge them. If you do a good job then they will take your regular assistance.

Try to create your unique earning source. Your innovative earning idea can cost you 2-3 years but if it becomes successful then you will become the leader without any competition. Keep in mind the Moto,” Blog to solve the problems”.


Buy a good hosting from hostinger. There are various money earning sources opt for the best one from the above list. If you have your own product then it is the best source of earning for you.

And initially AdSense ads are also good income providers. And affiliate marketing can be a tension free business as you do not need any product. Just sell others products and take your commission.

So blogging in today’s world is better than keeping a shop of at least 10000 rs rent, with other 5000 rs expenses per month.

You just need to buy a hosting and domain name (instead of a shop) for just 3000 rs. And can also buy other necessary things like plugins, templates if you want.

Free blogging is for experience because we will not work on a free platform as hard as on a paid platform.

If you can work very hard on a free blog then it is well and good. Hard is the key, whether it is free or paid. So now your are ready to start a blog for free and make money.

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