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Lesson 7- How to make money with a blog ?

Earning sources may be different for different websites according to their niche. But you should select a niche with maximum Monetization options, which I have taught you earlier.

Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000 

According to me, product selling is a must. If you want to earn more, you should have a product, it may be your product or others product which you can Affiliate.

Money you can earn from blogging

You can earn from $500 to $10000+ within a year or two with this blogging guide. And if you can work on my principal, which is

Work for 6 hours a day for 6 months

Then you will easily earn a minimum $1000 in the sixth month and $10000 reaching a year’s time. After selecting a niche go after that, never leave in between. Most of the beginners do that and leave blogging.

How to make money blogging?

Monetization options

There are many monetization options, but you have to select according to your niche.

1. Reviews

2. Affiliate marketing

3. Ad networks

4. Direct advertisement

5. Sell your products

6. Local advertising

7. Paid Online courses

8.  Offer freelancing service

9. Consultation fee

You will find detailed explanations of all the above methods in my blog, how to make money blogging

Here I will show you the way to earn.

When you invest in your hosting and domain name and then start earning with Affiliate products, then Google AdSense will automatically approve your website. So we will focus on how to earn with Affiliate in this blogging guide and your own products.

There will be more public who can afford only low rate products. So initially focus more on low range products and services.

If your information, ebook or anything is of high value, then also sell that for a low cost. Because you will also have the visitors who can buy high range products.

And with this you will get the email list of your visitors who can buy something. And this first step is very important to get a list of your customers.

Step 2: Launch high value products.

After that, when you launch high range products, you will already have the information of visitors who can buy. You have to send them emails about your new product.

This will help to successfully launch your high range product, which can be a main part of your income.

● Create podcasts: Episodes of high value content can be monetised. It can be a set of videos.

● Sponsored content: Other website owners, brands or agencies will pay you for publishing their content and links in your post.

● Help others grow: Getting 5000 visitors means you will have enough knowledge of your niche. So share your information, help them grow and they will pay you.

● Product Reviews: When you have more visitors and a strong email list, then you can sell the product reviews to brands between $300-$500.

With this systematic way you can start earning.

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