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Lesson 6- How to increase organic traffic on your website ?

I have also mentioned earlier about organic traffic, but now I will explain it in more detail in this blogging guide.

You have to make 2 types of post’s:

● 4-5 Main posts

● Regular posts(ideally 1 post a week)

Firstly, try to find 4-5 main topics with their keywords. These keyword topics should have low competition and at least 10k visitors per month.

Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

You have to give extra time to these posts and make them SEO friendly. Regularly update them for your visitors to get the latest information. And also Google rankings factor also include this updating strategy.

Google ranks the posts which are regularly updated. But try to update them sincerely.

In short, you have to rank these 5 posts in Google’s top 10 results. If they rank in Google you will get at least 20% of the visitors.

Means you will get minimum 10000 out of 50000 visitors per month on the main post.

And now, create regularly one post a week with a long tail keyword. It should have 1000 visitors per month and low competition.

Long tail keywords can be the longer version of the main keyword with low competition too. They are easy to rank at top.

After 20 weeks, by publishing 20 posts, you will get at least 10000 visitors.

How to start a backlink campaign ?

When other websites link your homepage or blog then it is a backlink for your website. These links are valuable for your traffic and Google ranking.

To decide how competitive your page or website is Google observes backlinks. So you have to get those backlinks from authoritative websites.

 SEMrush  is a tool which will help you to analyse the backlinks of your competitor. You will find the authoritative websites with authority numbers.

You will find a way to use Semrush and create backlinks in a SEO backlink blog link available below..

You have to select the blog which has 75+ authority. 50-75 authority is also good, you can also opt for those blogs.

There are many methods for getting a backlink which you will find in my blogging guide SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it.

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