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Lesson 5- How to write SEO friendly content?

There are two ways you can opt to start writing a blog.

First is to pay little attention to SEO writing. Creating as many blogs as possible and promoting them yourself on social media, Quora,  medium,  pinterest, etc.

Second is to focus more on SEO while writing a blog post. It will take some time to write and rank as well. But you will be more dependent upon organic traffic.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

Which idea did you feel was correct after reading both? Answer in the comment box.

I will suggest you to select the second one as it is the road less traveled, comparatively difficult. Yes, it is time consuming but working hard has no other option. I will tell you why the second one.

Yes, you can create many blog posts at a time and promote it. But it only grows during your promotions.

Once it reaches visitors in your contacts, then it will not show any growth.

Plus writing more blogs might affect its value. Your content writing should give value to your visitors.

And the second one is difficult but no problem if I am here to help you. I will teach you to write SEO friendly content in this blogging guide.

Step 1: Create SEO friendly posts.

Create a blog that will give real value to your visitors. These posts should have following characteristics: Evergreen content, can be a how to guide, should be a quality content, lengthy means more detailed.

Creating a content which dies after a period of time is not profitable. As it will take some time for your post to rank. It should be relevant for a long period of time. So the main post                        at least should be of an evergreen content.

Yes, how to guides have more clicks than a simple heading. Blogging is always helping others. There are plenty of questions which can become the topic of your blog.

You can use Question hub , the latest Google tool, which gives you questions less answered category wise.

For example, how to make pizza, how to repair a cooler, how to service an AC, etc. You will find many questions related to your niche.

And after starting the blog, you will find questions your visitors asked on Google search console and Google analytics.

Quality content means SEO friendly and to the point content. Your content should not contain baseless things. It must be on to the point, it must help your viewers. “Queries are to be solved” must be your motto.

Yes, SEO friendly content to rank even after years of publishing a post. Now, everyone says about it but to rank is too difficult in today’s world.

How to rank on Google with keywords?

Friends, you might not rank for the main keyword, even if that keyword has low competition. But it is possible to rank for the longer version of that keyword.

Misspelling keywords for better ranking on Google

If your main keyword has 1 M visitors per month. Try to find the longer version keyword which can have 10k visitors per month.

For example, if the main keyword is “iphone back cover”, then you can opt for ” perfect iphone back cover”.

Adding adjectives can be used to find the longer version.

Create 10 posts on the long tail keywords, which will bring a minimum of 5k-10k organic traffic. You can create as many posts you want.

Then when you will rank on this long tail keywords and the user experience will be good, then Google will also rank you for the main keyword.

“Good user experience will be an important factor to rank on Google in the upcoming years”.

So your content must be helpful.

It is said that a lengthy post tends to rank on Google. Because Google feels that the post is more detailed. But here comes the fact that it should also be on the point. To create a lengthy post don’t write unrelated things.

Step 2: Create lead magnets.

To increase your email list, subscribers have to give valuable products, services or other to make your visitors subscribe or sign up.

You can give discount coupons, free service, personal help, keywords, etc to your visitors but for that they have to subscribe or sign up.

WordPress plugins like ConvertKit,  GetSiteControl , MailPoet, and many more. These plugins will help you to manage and send mails to your subscribers, which you can learn in this blogging guide.

When you will create a new post. With the help of an email list, you will get the initial visitors by mailing them about your new post.

Step 3: 4 pieces of second level content

After the main post, there should be 4 pieces of content supporting the main post but as important as the main one. If the main content has 100k(minimum) traffic per month.

Then this 4 blogs should have a traffic of 100k visitors together. This 4 blogs + the main, will be the most important part of your website.

These 5 posts should be properly written (SEO friendly), promoted, and regularly updated. This proper care and updation will lead them to rank on Google.

If only 10% visitors(31% visitors clicks the 1 search results on Google) come to your site then there will be 20,000 visitors on your site per month.

Regular post 1 post a week with long tail keywords. These techniques will create an amazing website.

Rules to write a SEO friendly post:

● Use the main keyword 1% to the word count of the article.

● Use the main keyword in the H1 heading.

● Check grammar mistakes on  Grammarly  and check duplicity on  plagiarism checker .

● Add the main and related keywords in the meta description.

● If possible, have the main keyword or its different version in the URL.

Use the SEOPressor plugin in WordPress,  get SEO advice white writing.

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