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Lesson 3How to pick a profitable blogging niche?

I am giving you your first task, within two days you have to select a profitable niche and it should be a thing you can do for a long time. You can consult with me after reading this blogging guide. To create a huge structure you will need a strong base. And that base is selecting a profitable blogging niche.

Many of the bloggers fail initially as they do not select a proper niche. Their topic does not have enough monetization options.

For example, if your blog is about loan, then you should have proper knowledge about it, to give to your audience. You should get some commission on a successful transaction. You should be an employer of a bank or some loan agency.

They are not much interested in that topic. Many bloggers leave blogging after 2-3 months as it feels boring to them.

They do not have proper knowledge of that topic. People try to find solutions on your website, for that you have to be knowledgeable enough.

Not targeting the right audience. Posts which do not target the people who can spend money.

In all, just giving knowledge is not enough. Have other money earning options other than  AdSense.

Points to remember before selecting the niche of your website.

1. Interest in that niche(topic).

2. Target audience.

3. Knowledge of that subject.

4. Monetization options.

How can I select a profitable niche ?

Follow this step by step process :

Step 1: Write down the topics you are interested in.

Things you love to do.

Some skills you have. Example- photography.

Jobs or responsibilities you handled perfectly in the past.

Hobbies like cricket, football etc. Write everything you love to do.

Step 2: Shortlisting the list.

Focus on 3 major aspects : Your Interest, Your Knowledge, Monetization options.

Your topic should contain these three things. Pick out the topics overlapping all the 3 above aspects.

Step 3: Select the most profitable one.

Search for the top bloggers already working in that niche. Find their income report. The product they sell.

Product price is high or low. Try to find their income sources.

Can it give recurring income ?

Can you create consulting services ? Can you do Affiliate Marketing ?


Search volume of your niche keywords. Your niche should contain at least 15 keywords having high traffic.

To find these keywords and search volume use  Google Keyword  Planner, SEMrush.

Whenever you decide to start blogging, within 2 days be clear about your niche.

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