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Lesson 2- What we will learn?

In lesson 1, I gave you an introduction to blogging. Keep that in mind, that every lesson is interconnected. So never skip any lesson, to understand the whole topic. And learn it step by step, from lesson 1 to so on.

Blogging is a dynamic process, so you have to learn constantly.

We will understand everything topic wise in this blogging guide. To cover every aspect we will distribute it in 6-7 topics. And with that you will also learn about the sales components like,

● Search Engine Optimization

● Email marketing

● Social marketing

● Search Engine marketing, etc.

After this coronavirus pandemic many businesses are on the way to collapse. Getting a job in the market has become a tough thing to do.

So I have unlocked this blogging guide worth $700 for free.

Blogging is a way with a laptop or mobile and internet connection to earn from your home. I will walk through this path with you, grabbing your hand.

If you will follow my steps sincerely then within 60-90 days, you will start earning $500- $1000. After that you can earn $5000 – $10000 and so on, depending on your hard work.

You can also take your business online with the help of blogging. To take your business online and promote it locally you have to learn blogging by reading this guide fully. Plus my Local SEO guide will help you to promote your business to your local consumers.

This will be a step by step guide where we will cover each and every aspect of blogging from creating a blog, optimising it to monetize it.

Following are the topics or steps we will cover in this guide :

● Picking a profitable niche.

● Creating a blog and setting it up.

● Optimising your blog to launch it.

● Growing your blog by generating more traffic.

● Monetising your blog with different methods for earning.

● Growing your email list and making your subscribers spend on you.

● Scaling your blog to generate $ 2000 plus income.

blogging guide

If you will go to set up a physical business, it will not cost less than $ 4000. Paying the rent of the shop, loading the stock of product, light bills and other expenses.

But you can create your own business blog for free or by spending $50. That depends on you to invest or not, we’ll talk later on this.

Is blogging that easy ???

Yes, it is easy as compared to any other physical business. But to earn you will always need consistency, hard work, knowledge.

You will need basic knowledge which I will provide you with my blogs and personally if you want.

Hard work in the form of consistency. You have to be consistent in order to start earning. You have to create 50-100 posts within 2 years to earn the maximum.

At Least 1 post per week and regularly, never take a big break. How to do this, I will teach you that in later topics.

Advantages of blogging

● Work from home 24*7.

● Take your local business online, and reach more consumers.

● Low investment, high income.

● Enhances your knowledge of the digital world, which is the future.

Important note: Practical knowledge is way better than theoretical knowledge.

If you are thinking that just by reading you will understand everything, and whenever you will start blogging you will start earning, then you are wrong.

When I was a beginner, I watched all the videos, read everything about blogging. But that was just 20%, the other 80% I understood practically.

Lesson 1- Introduction to Blogging. Page 1

Lesson 3- How to pick a profitable blogging niche? Page 3

Lesson 4- How to create a blog? Page 4

Lesson 5- How to write SEO friendly content? Page 5

Lesson 6- How to increase organic traffic on your website? Page 6

Lesson 7- How to make money with a blog? Page 7

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