Blogging guide/course worth $700 for free

Lesson 1- Introduction to blogging

Hii, I am Deepak and I am here to teach you about Google free Digital marketing course/ blogging guide, to add a qualification in your resume.

DM(Digital Marketing) can help students, experienced professionals, unemployed or one who is looking for a career change to get a job, open their own business online, etc.

What is blogging?

Whenever you search something on Google or any other search engine, say “best gift for mother”. Google shows many results.

There you will select one result and read the information you want to gain. The information or data you are reading is known as a blog or article.

The author of that blog is known as a blogger. And the whole process of publishing information on the internet and earning money with this, is called blogging.

Money !! Yes my friend,money, if you will observe carefully then you will find few advertisements in between the written text. When you watch that advertisement the author (blogger) of that blog gets paid.

We will later discuss the monetization part.

Why blogging?

A 15 year boy, Umer Qureshi, started blogging with information from youtube and blogging guide. Within 1 year he started earning $1000( approx. Rs 70000)/ per month.

There are many bloggers who earn between $500-$10000/ per month. And even bloggers earning more than that.

When I started blogging there were no free blogging guide available. I started learning it on YouTube and Google. But I want you to start learning it for free.

People are selling these courses for Rs 40000-Rs 60000. And that too with the old strategies. Blogging is a dynamic structure, it changes with time.

For example, 4-5 years ago Facebook was popular among the youth and Facebook marketing worked very well. But today Instagram is attracting many of them and you must know how to market your products on Instagram.

So you will never get outdated information. We will try to update you if you will connect with us and work with us.

Just like YouTube you have to create some informative or entertaining content. And learn to rank your stuff on Google results. Then once your blog is monetised, just count your money.

After this coronavirus pandemic, working digitally or online will be a key factor. Learning DM can help a student to get a job easily or help you to set up your online business.

Digital marketing can provide you with the highest paying jobs. And you can even start your own blogs like me to earn more with this blogging guide.

How to start a blog for free and make money?

Who can learn digital marketing or blogging ?

You do not need any qualifications or technical knowledge to learn DM. All you need is a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

And if you are a student of 6th-7th, then it is the best time to start blogging. As it will only increase your knowledge and never disturb your studies. You have to just work part time and within a few years you can get the best career opportunity.

So it’s up to you to work part-time or full-time, but the income part is guaranteed.

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