Best WordPress SEO Plugins, #2 can rank websites

WordPress is the best platform, according to me, to create SEO friendly websites. Over 30% of websites live on the internet are made by WordPress. Plugins are the equipment that makes SEO for WordPress easy.

To create a website on WordPress is made easy. It doesn’t require any coding, qualification, etc. You do not need any technical knowledge. This plugin makes the long process short.

Now you do not need to worry about counting keywords, or finding perfect length of meta description or title, and many more things. This plugin explains everything to you.


There are hundreds of factors that affect the SEO or ranking of your website. And also there are thousands of plugins. Not possible to use or test every plugin. So I will suggest you the best one.

So today we will discuss the most trusted and needed 8 plugins that will improve the performance of your website.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugins enhance the website performance improving the users experience resulting in better SEO. It decreases the load by using a feature called control delivery network (CDN).

Whenever someone opens your website it creates a Cache, and when that visitor wants to open your website again, it shows the cached result without disturbing the server again.

You must use this plugin if your hosting does not provide a default cache plugin.


2. WP Story

Google does not make a new WordPress plugin everyday. WP Story is just created because Google wants the publisher to create content in this new format.

It is based on the new format that Instagram or tiktok provides to its users. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the latest story format.

It is a very short and sweet way to project your service or topic in just 20-30 pages. You can add your affiliate link, your products and services anything.

And the best part is that Google wants to start this format and wants publishers to create this type of content. And guess what, there is no competition.

It is possible that after a year or two, this story starts getting ranked above the text and videos. And it can become one of the best wordpress SEO plugins.


3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin improves the SEO of your website by giving you suggestions about your content, using keywords, etc.

It can do your search console work by creating sitemap. It analyses your pages readability, title or description length and use of keywords in them, keyword density in your post, keyword in headings and image alt attribute, etc.

In short, it handles the search engine optimization part.


4. Smush image compressor

You are creating a blog and afraid of adding images, which can increase your page’s load time. If your images take time to load, then your website will load slowly.

Your users can bounce back, creating a bad

impression of your website infront of Google and users. Resulting in low ranking on Google. But images are an essential part of a blog or an article, you must use images.

So, this smush image compressor decreases the size of images, but still maintains the quality of the images. When someone visits your website it will load fast and images will not look blurred but sharp.

5. Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit plugin provides the data of your website which Google’s products have on your dashboard. You have to connect your website with Google search console to crawl your post and pages.

If you want to analyse your audience, you will need Google analytics. Google pagespeed insights to test the speed and performance and Google AdSense to monetize your blog.

This plugin will bring all the features on your dashboard. You can connect your website with these components easily. And it will also show all the statistics of analytics and search console on your WordPress dashboard.


6. Jetpack

Jetpack have a multi-purpose use, it can be used for security, design and marketing. You can see the statistics of your visitors, post automatically on social media, login security, spam, scanning, etc.

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7. Elementor

If you want sell any product or service, or you will need a page on your website which is of a high value for you. Then you will need to create a beautiful landing page.

Elementor provides you with a live website creation method. It has a beautiful interface and tools to create a website from scratch.

You can create a collaboration of text and image. There are options to add buttons etc. And you can see live results.

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8. Google XML Sitemaps

You are uploading your content on your website, and what if Google doesn’t know that your page exists. Then how will Google suggest your content to others, by ranking your website.

For this purpose, it is necessary that Google should know that you have uploaded some content. So, Google indexes every content uploaded on Google.

Google XML Sitemaps helps you to index your content on the engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. With this search engines will have your content indexed and ready to show to related viewers.


Yes, plugins are useful to make your work easy but using more of it can reduce your website’s speed. Different niches need different types of plugins. So get educated about your needs and select plugins accordingly.

Do not just install every plugin, try to get the best wordpress SEO plugins. And keep the WP Story plugin in your mind, if in future Google updates its ranking policy according to stories. Then those who have already created stories, will start getting millions of traffic.

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