Audience Analysis to increase sales and traffic

Content marketers in any field should have the knowledge of their audience. If you’ll find the pain points of your visitors, then no one can stop you from getting great traffic on your website. For that audience analysis is an intergral part after initialising your business or blog.

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And also, the most important benefit is that if you’ll find what your audience needs, then you will not need to search for new topics.

You will never run out of new topics, just solving their problems will do.

What is Target Audience Analysis ?

When you perform a task of identifying the location, gender, demographics, age, interests, preferences and many other aspects of a particular group of people is known as Target Audience Analysis.

Remember one thing,

For many customers having good content doesn’t really matter, having RIGHT content matters a lot.

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If you want to create a successful business model, then this is one of the key to your success.

“Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever – create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience.” ~ David Ogilvy

This helps you to better plan your new products, new topics, future communication strategies with your visitors and search for new one’s.

audience analysis

Need for an audience Analysis

You can target a specific group of people with your products.

Content marketing strategy will become more cost effective.

You will create new content, specific topics, and become more competitive.

Research and target only the audience interested in your services.

Increase your income with improved conversion rate.

Increase customers’ return back rate, build long term relationships by solving their problems.

How to plan your audience analysis ?

Initially you should not focus on the income part. Focus and give enough time to every content that is needed by the audience. Even if the content cannot sell or will sell products with small amounts.

And if you already have good products then use your time for the products which will benefit you more.

Collect the information of your visitors with tools like, email plugins in WordPress like convertkit, convertful, etc. Tips to collect emails are in my SEO.

“Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an “expert” within your niche.” ~ Kim Garst

Also try to collect the email of your competitors visitors. With  you can find out the person who has shared any blog. Find more ways to collect emails through Google.

You can send your visitors a form to fill or just put it between your content. Form will consist of topics related to your niche. What visitors want let them ask you with that form.

Research before publishing product/content

If you already have a good experience of your content,product then it’s awesome. But most of us have to do some research.

Once you will get the problem idea of your visitors, and you are ready with the niche. Then it’s time for a deep research. Creating and publishing a content or product you have less knowledge can be less profitable for you.

With less knowledge, you will reduce the audience you have targeted.

Your service will be opted by less visitors resulting in a loss.

“I think a mistake a lot of people make is to identify a target audience and then work backwards into creating a product for them.” ~ Ricky Van Veen

Credibility of your product or website will reduce resulting in low customer return rate.

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How to analyse your product ?

First of all, gain complete knowledge of your products and services.

Find out, ‘ Is your product useful ?

Personally use your own product. If you have any tip as a product, then try that tip and see if it works. It should benefit you, then only it can benefit others.

For example, I gave you an idea to collect emails of your and your competitors visitors. This idea is used by me in every blog of mine. And it has benefited me a lot.

Try to get complete knowledge of your product. For example, if you are making a blog on “Top 20 toys for 5 year old kids”. Then you should gain complete knowledge of at least Top 40 demanding toys.

Yes, you cannot use them. But the research your visitor has to do to select one toy. You should already have that knowledge and watch enough videos about those toys.

If possible give them a way to contact you personally via whatsapp or call. Helping personally creates relationships.

4 ways to analyse your audience

1. Demographic analysis

Having information like age group, gender, geography, occupation etc can make a lot of difference in audience analysis.

Start with a basic knowledge of age and gender. Age observation matters. Teenagers will like more

fancy content and products. They will be more likely to

earn money. And people with 25+ age will have different problems. They can even buy your products.

Male will get attracted towards different content and female towards different.

Finding out the location of your audience helps to know about their culture, festivals accordingly you can sell different products.

For showing paid ads, location is necessary, you can show your ads to the community you want.

Knowing the occupation helps to set the cost of your product. If there are people who can afford costly products.

You’re giving an idea of a toy, then you can suggest costly products to business men, managers etc.

Classify your audience on these factors and select your strategy to deal with them.

Behavioral Analysis

Observe what your audience likes to do, how they collect information.

At what time they are active (online) helps to send them the notifications of your product and content.

Device they use to manage your themes to be used. Track the interest of your audience. What they like to

do, and what they are most interested in, can be found

out by social media.

This will help you to create stories which engage them. They will find your content more interesting and valuable.

Media Analysis

Find out what they use to gain information like advice, reviews, news means which platforms they trust the most. You can post on that platform like Quora, pinterest if they trust it.

Knowing about their interests, websites they visit can help you to grow. You can start giving the value this websites or media platforms are giving.

If possible you can pay to these platforms to promote your product and services.

Competitive Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors who are already doing well, is a good job to do.

You should find out the topics which are loved by the audience. Improve that topic in your way and publish.

There must be content gaps which are to be filled by you. How to find out content gaps ?

Observe your high ranking, high authority competitors and observe your low ranking, low authority competitors.

You will find some topics in which your low level competitors are doing good. And similar topics are not available in the high level competitors website.

Follow your competitors on social platforms. Engage in the conversations of their followers. Give them solutions and attract them.

And also learn from them how to manage your social media, conversations, etc.


With this you have 4 ways to analyse your audience and increase traffic on your site.

Firstly classify one the basis of age, gender, location, occupation and process as I said above.

Second, Most of the people have a similar time of working.

Third, observe the social platforms they trust.

And last but not least, analyse your competitors’ work. Was my blog post helpful to you ? Is there any more

information you want ? If you have any suggestions

related to this topic, then please let me know. Comment and share your experience with me.

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