Affiliate Marketing Guide to earn $2000-$3000

There is no limit in the earnings of affiliate marketing. It’s upon you to earn 500$ per month or 10000$ per month. If you are a serious blogger, and want to earn on your own then this affiliate marketing guide and my personal assistance will help you. So just work hard for 7-8 months.

If you want any help regarding blogging, you can CONTACT ME. The link is given at end of this page. But please read the full post. I dont want you to ask queries which are already mentioned in this blog. I will take out some time for you and help you out personally.

Yes my friend, 6 hours a day for 8 months and you will start earning 2000-3000$ per month.

No business is easier than this. Any business to earn 2000$ per month needs an investment of minimum 10000$. But affiliate marketing with blogging can be done with a minimum investment of 50$ per year.

Grab this opportunity and I will help you by sharing my every experience with you.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an earning process by promoting other companies’ products, rewarding you commission for every sale with your link.

These companies like  amazon ,  google,  apple provide you a link for every product. Each time a customer clicks a link, and buys that or related product even after a few days, you get commission.

Affiliate marketing is still not known by many bloggers, and even if they know, they do not understand what to do and how to do it. You are on a correct platform to learn this, as I will provide you with the complete guide to understand this in simple terms.

How to begin with my Affiliate Marketing Guide?

  1. The easiest way to start your affiliate business is blogging. It will take 6-8 months to Google search console to recognize your blog with my blogging tips. And with the help of my blog on SEO your blog will start ranking in the search results of Google.

How to start a blog for free and make money


Then start understanding SEO with my guides to reach more customers.

How to write SEO friendly article or content with 15+tips

SEO backlinks and 10+ ways to create it

Local SEO to expand your business


  1. You can increase your followers on Instagram, friends on Facebook. Then create informative pages, and can promote your products. You can also regularly add entertaining posts.
  2. You can create YouTube channels and promote your products.

How to increase your sale or conversions ?

Creating an idea

How to showcase your products to your viewers, that they will be forced to buy ? I will teach you with examples in this affiliate marketing guide. If you will directly tell them to buy then nobody will follow your link and buy. Finding an Innovative way to sell your products is necessary in this competitive world.

For instance, to sell household or kitchen products, create a blog or video on recipes or work at home. Teach them that recipe in a qualitative way. Then to do that work, they will need that household product. And you will show them the way to that product.

Another example, create a guide on ‘how to make a dog house ?’. And sell the products needed for making a dog house.

Create your own unique way of promoting products.

Create conversation

You need a conversational blog or video. There must be some sort of storytelling that your visitors will feel interactive. Your consumers should feel that they are getting good advice from their friend. It should not feel that you’re trying to sell them something.

You might have experienced when you go to any shop, some retailers say that every product in their shop is great. It feels fake to you. Not everything is good, or not every aspect of that product is good.

There are merits and demerits in everything in this world. Always try to give the best advice, like you are talking to your friend or brother. Create a relationship with best advice.

Download affiliatizer add on on Chrome or Firefox

 Affiliatizer  is a chrome and firefox add-on which helps you to find new and best affiliate programs related to the site you are searching.

After you download this add on, whenever you search something. You will see a affiliatizer icon on the left on any website. When you click on this icon, you will find affiliate programs related to that particular website.

Analysis of your competitors products

When you will select a particular niche, there must be affiliate marketers already working on that topic. Analyze their blog, videos and products. I will show you the way to do it, in this affiliate marketing guide :

  1. Firstly select the top 10 affiliate marketers on the niche you are settled in.
  2. Observe the way they write their blog. Or the content they produce on a blog or a YouTube channel.
  3. Select the top products, which are best, and will benefit your visitors.
  4. Then write content, for blog or video, better than those bloggers and YouTubers. Have more honesty than your competitors.

If you find any mistake in a product, and everyone is promoting that product, then tell the truth about that product to your visitors. This builds a wall of trust for you. An affiliate marketer should guide their audience with honesty.

Another way to enhance your content is : If your competitors teach 10 ways to do a job, or top 10 XYZ products. Then you should enhance and teach 20 or 30 ways to do that or teach top 30 XYZ products.

But keep one thing in your mind, never write baseless things. Your content should be on the point. Increasing the ways to do XYZ, doesn’t mean that you start teaching baseless ways.

Buy the product yourself and review it

Make an honest review about the product. If your visitors trust you, then they will come to your site back again.

Compare your product with another similar product.

Is affiliate marketing easy or hard ?

The answer is both, yes it is easy at the same time it is tough too. It is easy because of the zero risk factor involved.

There is no investment that you have to do. You got this free affiliate marketing guide and my free personal assistance. Then you have to invest just a small amounts for hosting and domain name that too if you want to make a paid blog. There is also an option of free blogging, which you will get in my other guides.

Two things that make it easy and even profitable

Cookie life : Affiliate cookie life is the time period that starts when your viewer clicks your link and it ends when that viewer buys that product.

Some affiliate programs have 30-120 days of cookie life, that means you will receive the commission of a click even after 30-120 days of buying.

Recurring commissions : This is the commission which you will get on the renewal of the product once sold, without any click second time.

For example, a consumer buys a product of $200 with your link and you will get $20 (10% commission).

And if that same consumer again renews or buys that same plan, then you will again get $20 commission, even without a click on your link the second time.

Yes, it is hard and challenging too but I will solve those problems.

It has competition, many people might be working on the same topic or product.

But you should use many blogs as your opportunity, as shown in analysis of your competitors products. READ ABOVE.

Conversion or sale : Normally, affiliate marketers have a 3-6% of conversion rate, according to a Google guide. Conversion rate is the sale of products per click of your consumer.

That means if 100 times your link is clicked then 3-6 products will be sold out. And keep that in mind not every visitor clicks that link.

So you have to do your customer experience better. For this follow 8 basics to increase your sale. And also the above methods.

To get personal help CONTACT ME. After clicking on contact me, you have to fill your email to subscribe. I will reach you and help you personally as possible for me on calls or chats.


Top 20 affiliate programs

  1. eBay  Partner  Network
  2. Amazon  Associates
  3. ShareASale
  5. PartnerStack
  6. ClickBank
  7. Fiverr  Affiliates  Program
  8. Shopify  Affiliate  Program
  9. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  10. Leadpages  Partner  Program
  11. Studio  press  Affiliate  Website
  12. Bluehost  Affiliate  Program
  13. Maxbounty Affiliate Network
  14. ConvertKit  Affiliate  Program
  15. Tapgerine
  16. Google  AdSense
  17. ThirstyAffiliates
  18. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  19. Kinsta  WordPress  Hosting
  20. Wealthy  Affiliate  Program

Top Recurring Affiliate Programs

  1. Miracle  Canvas
  2. ElegantThemes
  3. Live  chat
  4. FreeUp
  6. GetResponse
  7. ConvertKit
  8. ThriveThemes
  9. MemberMouse
  10. Talkroute

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